Linda McMahon Confirmed as SBA Administrator


On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate confirmed Linda E. McMahon as the 25th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). McMahon is the sixth and third consecutive woman to lead the federal agency.

“Small businesses are the engine of our national economy,” McMahon stated upon her confirmation. “I will work to revitalize a spirit of entrepreneurship in America.  Small businesses want to feel they can take a risk on an expansion or a new hire without fearing onerous new regulations or unexpected taxes, fees and fines that will make such growth unaffordable.  We want to renew optimism in our economy.”

McMahon is the co-founder and CEO of Women’s Leadership LIVE—which equips women to become leaders in their respective industries and provides solutions to the challenges facing women entrepreneurs—and co-founder and former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE).

“I believe in leadership by example,” McMahon went on to affirm. “As a CEO, I never expect employees to do anything I am not willing to do myself.  I believe in setting expectations and holding people accountable, but trusting them to do the job for which they were hired. I look forward to working with the SBA staff. I am eager to learn from their experience and expertise. I will listen, and their ideas, concerns and recommendations will be taken seriously.”

McMahon is an advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurship, especially among women. She is tasked with leading the SBA’s over 2,000 employees and ensuring small business owners have the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.