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SoFly Tip #2: Instagram
Social Butterfly
your digital helper
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
by: Social Butterfly

Section: #SocialButterfly

Once a week, expect to be informed on the latest and most innovative ways to stay ahead of the herd digitally. If you have questions for the Social Butterfly, please email:

Here is Thursday's @NAWRB Instagram, a beautiful flower on one of our desks.

About the Author

Social Butterfly is a fleeting weekly contributor to the NAWRB blog. SoFly blogs about social media and marketing tips focused on best practices and helpful hints for women in the housing economy. Your digital self is as important to your business as any other networking outlet in traditional relationship building. Questions for Social Butterfly to answer or specific topics to address can be sent to
WHAT IS INSTAGRAM? Instagram is a fast, fun, and free app for mobile devices to host pictures. Much like Twitter, you follow a network of people and companies to interact with. You can post your picture as-is or choose from a number of creative filters and borders to emphasize your image.

HOW DOES IT WORK? It's basically a platform to post pictures on your other social media sites. You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter, for instance, and your posts will seamlessly get to everyone in your network. There is no need to go to each site to post the same picture.
You can even @mention users and #hashtag posts, like you can in other social media outlets.

WHO USES INSTAGRAM? With millions of users across the world, Instagram has a broad audience, but especially Generation-Y, the newest set of homeowners and industry professionals. Making yourself approachable to this demographic will give you an edge and potentially build important digital relationships. 

WHY SHOULD YOU USE IT? Instagram is a modern and personal platform to host pictures for your network to see. Whether you're showboating a home for sale, displaying a much needed cup of coffee in the morning, or a sweet picture of your sleeping child this app will connect you to the digital age. Follow NAWRB on Instagram @NAWRB to stay connected.