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This Week at NAWRB

NAWRB brings you another exclusive recap of the weekly developments at its headquarters. We are excited to fill you in on our upcoming projects that benefit women-owned businesses in the housing economy. Want to become a member? Click here to sign up.


New Financial Rule Set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Federal Housing Finance Agency stated Wednesday that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are issuing new operational and financial requirements for all sellers and servicers who work with the GSEs.

Indulge in Snack Foods...Without the Guilt!

You work hard. Whether you’re showing open houses throughout the day, negotiating complex deals, or dropping off your kids at various sports practices, life is a balancing act. Why not reward yourself?

Keeping the Mind Youthful

As we age so can our minds. Fortunately there are certain recreational activities that can ward off diseases, allowing us to function just as we did in our 20s.  


Psst...Want the Secret to Healthy Skin?


As many dermatologists will agree, the secret to having healthy, glowing skin when you’re older is to adopt preventative measures when you’re young: slathering on sunscreen, wearing wide-brimmed hats, and avoiding the sun at peak hours.


Attend NAWRB's Women in Housing Financial Fitness Road Show

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) in collaboration with Veterans Preference Inc. presents the Women in Housing Financial Fitness Road Show and Military Women in Business on May 21 in San Diego, California. NAWRB’s road show will provide a specialized hybrid of women in housing and women in government outreach to teach women how to grow their businesses both vertically and horizontally.


NAWRB Needs Passionate Women on its Team!


With our rapid expansion and brand awareness comes the increased need for passionate women to promote business opportunities and boost sales. We’re looking for women that share our vision of advocating and promoting for women and women-owned businesses specializing in the housing economy.

Why Professional Women are Needed to Rebuild the Economy

More women are needed in the workforce to strengthen the economy. Seventy percent of consumers are female and to help sell to this demographic, women need to be employed to have a say in the wants and needs of the female customer. It can be difficult for professional women to thrive in the workforce due to inflexible work hours and difficulty attaining childcare and maternity leave. Many women shy away from the workforce as a result and those who do work cannot fully apply themselves. Powerful leaders and scholars aim to change this as they believe the key to rebuilding the economy rests on professional women.



Don't Miss the NAWRB Membership Drive!


Celebrate National Small Business Week and promote collaboration among women by participating in the NAWRB Membership Drive. Now through June 30th, NAWRB members have the opportunity to receive NAWRB Dollars through our drive. 

Update Your Home for Less

Many of us want to update our homes but need to do so on a budget. Tiny adjustments and inexpensive additions will improve the look and feel of our homes. From adding flowers to utilizing mason jars, creative alterations will make your home look brand new.