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Women Entrepreneurs and Equal Pay


Women entrepreneurs are a growing force in the US economy. From 1997 to 2012 the number of female owned businesses grew 54 percent, and women businesses performed at the same levels as men-owned businesses during the height of the economic downturn. Women entrepreneurs are coming to grow, yet they experience struggles accessing capital. On Equal Pay Day, NAWRB would like to recognize the struggle women business owners are facing, help shed light on the issues, and advocate for equal pay and opportunities. This article examines the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs and the recommendations given by the National Women's Business Council on how to advance the entrepreneurial woman's independence.

Paris's First Female Mayor

Anne Hidalgo has made history as the first female mayor of the city.

Influential Women in History

March is Women History Month and it is a great time to recognize the women who have made lasting impacts, as well as appreciate the women who continue to influence our lives.

SBA, NWBC, and Women Innovators to host #STEMforHer

As STEM continues to heavily influence technological advances and future innovations, the National Women's Business Council (NWBC) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) will facailitate a #STEMforHer twitter conversation to highlight the growing interest of women and girls in STEM.

#STEMforHer is an online dialogue aimed at advancing the conversation as it relates to women and girls pursuing careers in STEM. Joining the conversation are prominent women innovators and organizations including: Goldie Blox, Girls in Tech, and one of the STEM's youngest women entrepreneurs - Divya Nag. Following the Twitter Question and Answer session, Divya Nag will also be the guest speaker for the National Women's Business Council's public meeting held on Wednesday, March 26th.

The Nationa Women's Business Council continues to be a leading voice in the advancing of the women's entrepreneurship agenda.  Join us as we work in conjunction with them to reach over 1 million twitter users as we amplify the call to increase women entrepreneurs in STEM.

Using Social Selling to Increase your Business

As the business world is constantly evolving so to is the way we conduct our business within it. One of the biggest shifts has been in the way a business sells its product and generates leads. Traditionally, sales consisted of your sales team making cold calls and setting appointments with prospective customers. However, this model for generating business is becoming less effective with the invention of social media. Consumers are now doing more research and develop products and services they are interested in without the need to be continually pitched to. Studies show that a consumer does more than 50 percent of their research on a product or service prior to engaging with the company itself. This social culture has started a new era in sales, known as social sales. In order to be competitive in this marketplace, relationships are more important than ever, and it is imperative to foster a relationship with prospective clients prior to their interest or need in your product or service.

HUD Set Asides for Women Business Owners

Breaking HUD News: Under the new Synopsis for AM 3.7 they are looking to award two set-a-sides for Women-Owned Businesses in specific regions of the country.

This means only Women-Owned Businesses can bid on these contracts. Contact NAWRB today at to apply for our Women-Owned Business Certification specific to the Housing Economy.

Building Your Business

Wondering what steps to take to improve your business and build it up?

Irresistible Tips for Selling a Home

The goal is to provide the buyer with the most value when compared to similar homes for sale so that they will want to purchase yours. Visit open houses and arrange to preview the other listings in your neighborhood so you know what you are competing against. Is your home upgraded or over-upgraded? How do the other homes show? Make sure your house shows the best so you get the offer. Buyers will pay a little more for a house that is “turn-key.” By being aware of the other homes in the neighborhood, you know how to put your best foot forward.

The Roaring Twenty Winners!

NAWRB is proud to announce our 2014 annual award winners highlighting outstanding women in the housing economy.

Women-Owned Business Certification

Are you a women-owned business in the real estate industry looking to certify your business? Read about the benefits of certifying your business with NAWRB.