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5 Business Tips To Help You Succeed

Everyone has different ways of doing business, which makes sense considering we’re all unique individuals. But there are some tips that seem to be universal when it comes to producing successful results. Check out the following tips to help your business grow.


Ocwen in Hot Water Once Again

Ocwen Financial Corp. released a statement today that it will be selling $25 billion in residential mortgage servicing rights.These loans are held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and are being sold to Nationstar Mortgage Holdings—a mortgage servicer located in Dallas, Texas.


Freddie Mac Sells $1 Billion In Delinquent Loans

In early February, we wrote about the $410 million of delinquent mortgage loans auctioned off by Freddie Mac. Well now Freddie Mac is at it again, this time selling $1 billion in delinquent loans. Similar to the previously auctioned loans,  the delinquent loans are divided  into three pools.


Reaction To The House Republican 2016 Proposed Budget

As the House Republican 2016 proposed budget was unveiled on Tuesday, there has been a great deal of opposition as well as backing for it by different parties. Depending upon whether you are a  Democrat or a Republican, your feelings and beliefs about the new proposed budget will differ greatly.



SBA Twitter Chat for Women Entrepreneurs


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) hosted a Twitter chat Wednesday afternoon to commemorate Women’s History Month while participants across the nation provided tips to women entrepreneurs interested in starting and growing a business.  The hashtag for the chat, #SBAchat, trended throughout the day. 

6 Smart Ways Professional Women Should Be More "Selfish"

There are certain times in life when it is okay to be “selfish.” When we take care of ourselves, we tend to be more confident, which translates into being more successful in our careers and having more energy in every aspect of our lives. Check out our list of the best times to have your own interest in mind.


3 Successful Ways To Market To Millennial Homebuyers

If you’re a real estate agent, marketing to millennials can be beneficial to your business , as they are the largest age group in America. If you are not a millennial yourself, you may have preconceived notions about those born in or after 1981,which can hinder the way you sell to them. We reveal the following tips to help significantly increase  your chances of selling to millennials.


Rethink Your Daily Commute

Traffic. It can turn any morning commute into a stressful situation. But the commute isn’t over once you enter the office. Traveling to properties, meeting clients, and driving home can all run the risk of encountering a packed freeway or sluggish traffic lights.

6 Staples You Need In Your Wardrobe

As the styles change, some articles of clothing remain timeless. Women need certain staples in their wardrobes that they can throw on no matter what season it is. NAWRB has created a list of the six  staples every woman needs in her closet.


New Plan To Bolster Affordable Housing In NYC

Last month, we wrote a blog on New York’s growing number of zombie properties and what the New York Attorney General planned to do about it. Here is an update on the state of housing of NYC as we discuss the mayor’s plan to make housing more affordable for NYC residents.