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National Women's Business Council Announces New Members

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) has announced Teresa Nelson and Marsha Bailey as new additions to the Council. Both women bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the advisory council. 

FDIC Appoints New Director for OMWI

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) appointed Segundo Pereira as the new Director and Officer of the Corporation for the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Pereira will replace Andrew Gray, who accepted a job at JPMorgan Chase.

Julian Castro Gains Senate Committee Support for Housing Secretary

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was approved by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee today as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Castro was previously nominated for the position by President Obama earlier this year. 

Maria Contreras-Sweet Highlights New SBA Agenda

Maria Contreras-Sweet—SBA Administrator—spoke last week at the Center for American Progress in Washington D.C. regarding entrepreneurial equality. She highlighted the growing number of women and minority entrepreneurs in the United States while explaining new initiatives on behalf of the SBA.

Homeownership: The American Dream

The American Dream of homeownership is still very much so alive, as according to a recent Gallup poll, alongside the already 56 percent of Americans that own a home, another 25 percent have the plan to do so in the next 10 years.

VRM Wins VA Contract

Today HousingWire broke the story on Vendor Resource Management's successful bid on the Veteran Affair's (VA) mortgage servicing contract. The contract, valued at nearly $179 million, includes the servicing of VA mortgages from origination through REO management on north of $1 billion in assets, according to the story.

Holleman Joins REOMAC Legislative Committee

NAWRB Executive Director Cade Holleman joins REOMAC's legislative committee. The REOMAC legislative committee is headed by Donna LaPorte and includes a mix of REOMAC regular members, affiliate members, and Directors. Holleman works with NAWRB's Government Relations Chair Melva Wagner in developing and implementing the women's trade group's advocacy and policy agenda. Holleman plans to actively support REOMAC's unique legislative agenda and contribute to the non-profit trade association's policy goals in Washington, D.C.

Call4All April 6: Policy Brief

Join NAWRB President Desiree Patno, Government Relations Chair Melva Wagner, Executive Director Cade Holleman, and WIPP President Barbara Kasoff on Friday, April 6 at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST. The briefing will be on NAWRB's recent hill visits and WIPP's #TalkToUs2012 campaign. Learn about legislation impacting opportunities for women-owned businesses and strategize with leaders on how to build relationships in the Nation's capitol.

NAWRB is Going to the Hill

Executive Director Cade Holleman and Government Relations Chair Melva Wagner will be in the nation's capital this week for the ASAE Power of A conference, and to meet with elected and appointed officials. While there, Wagner and Holleman will share both ASAE and NAWRB's message and agenda for 2012.

Fairness in Women Contracting Act

NAWRB issued a letter of support on behalf of the Fairness in Women Contracting Act, legislation pending introduction as early as next week by Senators Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). NAWRB urges other senators to sign on to the bipartisan effort as original co-sponsors to the act that would include changes to the existing Women-Owned Business Procurement Program established last year. NAWRB noted that two major hurdles have impeded the program to date: the inability to sole source and the dollar limit on individual contracts. The proposed legislation would remove those barriers and allow contracting officers to award larger contracts to women-owned businesses and put the program on more equal footing with other small business programs. You can make a difference- contact your district office today and tell them that you want them to co-sponsor the bill. To learn how to contact your legislators, e-mail or call 949-559-9800.