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SoFly Tip #8: Blogging

Should you have one? I am a strong believer of blogging- just look at all my SoFly Tips and vlogs! Having your own blog is a cost-effective way to can help build your brand and clientele. You can use blogs to showcase your expert advice and stand apart from other bloggers. Using your voice and personality through blog writing can allow people to get to know you, like and trust you. Frequent blogging will naturally make you a better writer and communicator, and help avoid a standard, static business website.

SoFly Tip #7: Brand Colors

WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT MY BUSINESS' BRAND COLORS? Branding your business is important these days, especially with the housing economy still recovering. Studies have shown that color is the first thing a consumer will notice about your logo that means 60-80 percent of a customer's purchasing decision has relied on the influence of color. Put simply, a client may choose you over another realtor because your logo is red and theirs is bright orange. More ...

SoFly Tip #6: Facebook Cover Photos

DO COVER PHOTOS MATTER? They are interactive, captivating, and keep your demographic interested when you match it to your branding. Do not get the cover photo confused with the profile image because the profile image is what follows you across Facebook, It should be your logo and stay consistent. The cover photo, however, should be regularly updated to keep brand appeal fresh. With the timeline, youve got more space to enhance the page visually and tell your companys story, as visual content is up to 80% more engaging than before. With larger photos and starred stories, brands can craft a rich virtual history; one that gives it a life of its own.

SoFly Tip #5: Memes and Ecards

WHAT ARE MEMES AND ECARDS? A meme is an idea, behavior, style, or content usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Ecards are similar to memes in the themes and choice of wording, but are visually different. Memes are more likely to have words aid the picture, whereas an ecard will focus more on the wording and use a standard vintage, black and white sketch.

SoFly Tip #4: Infographics

WHAT IS AN INFOGRAPHIC? They are different than a flyer. An infographic is a visual representation of data and numbers using images and color to convey a message, usually analyzing or comparing data. Inforgraphics have been compared to a visual and colorful essay which shows an issue in a non-linear format. They make complex information easy to understand and fun.

SoFly Tip #3: #Hashtags

WHAT IS A #HASHTAG? The hashtag # symbol is used before relevant keywords or phrases in Twitter or Instagram to categorize posts and make them searchable by anyone. Clicking on a hashtagged word or phrase in a specific social media platform shows you all other posts in that category. The hashtag can occur anywhere in the post - at the beginning, middle, or end - but the keyword or phrase can not have any spaces, ie: #ReadySetCertify instead of #Ready Set Certify. The last example would only garner a search for #Ready, which is not what the business intended.

SoFly Tip #2: Instagram

WHAT IS INSTAGRAM? Instagram is a fast, fun, and free app for mobile devices to host pictures. Much like Twitter, you follow a network of people and companies to interact with. You can post your picture as-is or choose from a number of creative filters and borders to emphasize your image.

SoFly Tip #1: QR Codes

WHAT ARE QR CODES? QR is short for Quick Response, a barcode that is similar to the ones you find on products at the grocery store. Just as those track inventory and pricing, QR codes help track your demographic's response and prompt them to interact with you.