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I want you to know I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement. These times have been quite humbling for me, and that is a good experience. Thank you for being a friend, as well as an incredible leader.
Dianne Langston
Quality Real Estate Services


Love this magazine. Thank you. We have an office of wonderful women all with amazing stories.
Joseph Brazen
Brazen Sotheby's International Realty

Love this magazine and I love how generously marketing and column space is shared with us. Desirée is correct. No other organization publicizes their members in such a large way. I love NAWRB!! 
Dianne Langston
Quality Real Estate Services, Inc.  


It was an honor to work with you, share information and be featured in your article in N Magazine.  I'm proud that Staging is now part of the REO community. You and your organization are doing great and needed work.  Thank you for all that you are doing! I look forward to working with you in the future!
Barb Schwarz  
Creator of Home Staging 

Any exposure is so valuable to any business and especially when it is done in such a professional manor. That's what I love about NAWRB. Alex walked me through the certification process and really made it easy, and for that I am so thankful. 
Shelly West-Chenoweth 
President, Atlas Field Services, Inc. 

Our decision to join NAWRB stems from our desire to be actively engaged and a contributing member in our real estate community. NAWRB allows us the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded women-owned business professionals and make a difference in real estate and related industries. 
Sandra H. Cope
Vice President/Escrow Officer, Inwest Title Services 

I joined NAWRB because it is one of the only associations focusing on women in the REO business. I believe this is an excellent opportunity to be part of an organization that supports and encourages women to be successful in real estate. 
Amanda Arhuire 
Sunrise Property Preservation, LLC

NAWRB gives me a voice, a voice that has been long awaited for and I hope to inspire all women business owners in any industry...
Stephanie Hughes 
All Bay Realty, Inc. 

NAWRB is a phenomenal organization that assists women-owned buisness owners in not only their ongoing education and development in real estate, but also in the networking of other women-owned business owners on how to grow their business and support one another with the added benefit of being certified as a women-owned business.
Teresa Ryan
Owner, Ryan Hill Realty 

NAWRB is an amazing organization that I highly recommend for women in real estate looking to network, expand their education and further their careers!
Lisa Ristow 
The Ristow Group

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Looking forward to seeing you guys SOON! I am so excited about N Magazine! NAWRB are real estate game changers!!! GOOOOO 2013 and BEYOND!!!
Stephanie Hughes
All Bay Realty
Thank you so much! I LOVE IT! Where can I get a copy of the magazine at? Thank you for asking me to be a part of N Crowd in N Magazine.
Joan Patterson
Keller Williams Realty
NAWRB does a fantastic job of heightening awareness of intelligent business people who happen to be women.
Lisa Ristow
The Ristow Group
We cannot begin to say how proud we are to receive NAWRB certification. It is the result of lifelong work and commitment to not allow dreams to just be dreams. Thank you to NAWRB and thank you to every wonderful person we've crossed paths with along the way! Dream on & God bless!
Terry Rasner
Reno Tahoe Realty Group, LLC.
Desiree is such a great speaker. I had so much positive feedback. People are asking me to bring her back to a larger venue! I am excited about my membership and I hope to be an active member to increase our numbers. She is such a hard working lady, and I have true admiration for her. So much of what she said was on point with my experiences, and it was great to hear from another professional. I need that kind of dialogue on a regular basis. Let’s get my membership up and running and I am interested in certification as a woman owned business.
Dianne Langston
Quality Real Estate Services, Inc.
I love how NAWRB offers marketing opportunities at a reasonable rate, while also making it a focus for the Real Estate Industry as a whole to receive education about all types of transactions in order to make it a more efficient and easier place to do business.
Nicole Romero

Thank you so much for thinking about us. I was able to get a room at the Five Star Conference at a great rate. Can't wait to see you there! 
Raye Mayhorn
Realty Executives
Leading Ladies was a very professional event, interactive, and it was filled with new ideas about thinking out of the box to utilize my WOB certification to expand business. I took away tons of good information. There are so many REO groups seeking new members that it's hard to figure out where I should invest my resources. After attending the conference I was happy that I had joined NAWRB.
Colleen Calnan
Calnan Real Estate
I do not impress easily and was completely blown away by Desiree's knowledge and professionalism. After three years of attending C.A.R. meetings she wins the best knowledge-packed presentation in my book.
Christine Padilla
I have nothing but fantastic things to say about NAWRB! I believe in this organization. Keep up the great work! It really shows!!
Ivery Summers
I know a lot of companies ask if you are a member of NAWRB.
Melissa Justice
Thank you once again for inviting me to the event dinner this evening. It was very enlightening and productive. I was very impressed at the resources we have in our association and look forward to future endeavors. You and Desiree are doing an impressive job!
Melissa Lising
Titan Real Estate Services

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Five Star. I really enjoyed the event/dinner you planned for members of NAWRB. Thanks for all you do to promote women in business.
Marlene Cerreta
Cerreta Realty Group
Of course I will be continuing my membership. You guys are the BEST!!!!
Willie Stewart
Divine Realty

Hi there…thank you so much! It was a true pleasure…didn’t see so many items you mentioned…I always pitch that I speak English and Spanish…can’t believe I missed that! Again, thank you so much! This made my day!!!!
Liza Mendez
Pedro Realty International

Thank you so much. Everything seems to have gone well and simple other than a large deluge of old paperwork to find.... Since attending REO Expo and putting in some applications online I am getting emails from companies who say they can certify us. I will be sure to recommend you if anyone ever asks.
Carol A. Kemp
Kemp Real Estate, Inc.

It was great meeting you and your staff at the REO Expo as well. Just so you know Katherine has been extremely helpful and patient with me through this [certification] process and I’m grateful for your assistance.
Stephanie Davis
DC Properties of Arizona, Inc.