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Application Tips

When submitting your NAWRB Women-Owned Business or Minority Women-Owned Business Certification application, adhere to the following tips and guidelines to ensure a timley response to your application:
  • Mail your certification application in a single three ring binder.
  • Separate the sections and documents per Section One, Section Two, and Section Three guidelines listed on your application.
  • Label old or unclear documents with post-its or tabs.
  • Make sure to register your company with SAM ( before submitting your certification application.
  • Print out two copies of the certification application: One to turn in, and one to use as a check list during the application process.
  • If a document is missing or inapplicable to your business, include an explanation and reason for non-inclusion of document on a company letterhead, with the signature of the business owner.
  • Listen to NAWRB's Call4All Certifying as a NAWRB Women-Owned Business before beginning the certification process.
  • Remember that anyone can call NAWRB at (949) 559-9800 with questions about the certification process.
  • Visit Certification FAQ's for more helpful tips.

Important Notice: Businesses seeking certification can receive certification aid during the certification process and prior to submitting a certification packet. If interested in certification, companies should be confident that their business can pass the litmus test of "women-owned on paper, women-operated in practice, and experienced in real estate." If you have questions about your eligiblity for membership and/or certification through NAWRB, email or call us at (949) 559-9800.