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Policies and Procedures

A women-owned business whose work is in the real estate industry can certify as a NAWRB Certified Women-Owned Business or Minority Women-Owned Business and submit different documentation depending on the structure of the business. The term “women-owned” is defined by 51% or more women ownership.

All documents and information submitted to NAWRB becomes the property of the association; certification application documents will not be returned to applicant upon completion of certification. All documents and information are securely stored in an off-site location, and only certification review committee members will have access to said documents.

Submission of certification application may subject you to a public records search, search on the respective Secretary of State website, or other Internet-related searches. A formal criminal and civil background check will be performed on the applicant or the applying business during the certification process.

NAWRB’s Certification Board is comprised of five participants, including one attorney and one Certified Public Accountant. The Certification Board will review all certification applications during a meeting held on each second Wednesday of the month. A live phone interview is required as part of the certification process and must be completed prior to final review and approval.

One of NAWRB’s Board of Directors are required to call each certification applicant and ask a pre-determined series of questions about the certification application, including but not limited to, inquiring about the business structure of applying business, the role of the majority stakeholder in day-to-day operations, and prior certification attempts.

The applicant’s business is solely responsible for completing and submitting the application package. Applications must be submitted in the correct order, titled, and tabbed in a 3-ring binder.
NAWRB staff is available to answer questions, on required documents. If any listed documents do not apply to the applicant’s business structure, a cover letter with company heading, explanation of why a document is inapplicable to the business, and majority stakeholder’s signature must be included in lieu of the document.

Completed applications are accepted by mail via trackable courier only. Applications sent via email will not be accepted. 

Complete certification applications should be mailed to:

NAWRB Certification

2601 Main Street, Suite #560
Irvine, CA 92614
Once a complete certification application is received, the applicant's package will begin the review process. The review is completed by the Certification Committee that verifies that all of the documents are present are in order and current.

The certification review is comprised of three phases for quality and integrity assurance:

  • Phase One entails a thorough review to see that all of the required documents have been submitted, and that the application is in the correct order. If any documents are missing, the member will receive an e-mail notification of missing documents or issues to be clarified. The certification process will not continue past Phase One until all documents are submitted and any clarification requests have been satisfied.
  • Phase Two entails a review and performance of due diligence regarding the submitted documents, including, but not limited to: public information checks, verification with the respective Secretary of State, verification of SAM registrations, and reference checks.
  • Phase Three entails the regional NAWRB board member calling the certification applicant for a telephone interview, consisting of questions for the applicant. If an applicant does not answer a phone call, the board member will attempt a second phone interview within three (3) business days. After the second attempt, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact her respective board member to complete the interview. Certification will not be completed unless the board member is contacted and the phone interview is conducted.
Following internal review of all three phases of the certification application by the board of reviewers, external due diligence performance public records searches, and telephone interview, all qualified applications will go before a final vote of the Certification Board. Completed NAWRB Women-Owned Business or Minority Women-Owned Business Certification applications will be batched and reviewed by the Board on the second Wednesday of each month.

Within three (3) business days, applicants will be notified of the outcome of the certification application. Successful applicants will receive an electronic copy of their certificate and an exclusive NAWRB Certified Women-Owned Business logo package for their marketing materials, a press release to distribute to local media outlets, and a fact sheet on what to do after you’ve received your NAWRB Women-Owned Business or Minority Women-Owned Business Certification.

Applicants whom are rejected certification on any grounds will be provided a detailed list of reasons for rejection and will be given an opportunity to remedy their situation by petitioning the certification board for a second review with supplemental evidence.

Disclaimer: There are many avenues for WOB certification and NAWRB provides an industry-specific agenda, third-party certification that, like all certifications, may or may not be accepted at private and public institutions. Due to the changing WOB certifications, our use of the word “certification” in any press releases or on this website should not be construed in any way as approved certification through any specific organization or entity.

Any applicant who is rejected certification on any grounds will be provided a detailed list of reasons for rejection. To challenge the certification rejection, the applicant must present a written letter that rebuts each reason for rejection, along with sufficient evidence and documentation. Upon reception of rebuttal, the Certification will re-examine the application, along with new evidence and documentation, on the second Wednesday of the month. There is no limit on how many times a business can petition certification.

NAWRB Women-Owned Business and Minority Women-Owned Business Certification expires one year after initial award date.

NAWRB reserves the right to de-certify any business that was certified by the association. Grounds of de-certification can include, but are not limited to, finding falsified documents, change in business structure, change in ownership, and poor performance.

If a business has been de-certified, the business has the right to appeal de-certification. To challenge the de-certification, the applicant must present a written letter that rebuts the reason for de-certification, along with sufficient evidence and documentation. Upon reception of rebuttal, the Certification Board will re-examine the certification application, along with new evidence and documentation, on the second Wednesday of the month. There is no limit on how many times a business can petition de-certification.