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Certification FAQs

1.  Why do you ask for so much personal documentation to certify my company as women-owned?
The information and documentation that we request is used to verify that the various levels of operations within your organization show that your business is:
  • The business must be 51 percent or more women-owned, managed and operated
  • The women business owner(s) must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien
  • Technical expertise in the Housing Industry

For example, a signature authorization card from your bank shows that a woman might have signing authority on a business’s checking account, whereas the checks themselves are verified proof that a woman is exercising authority to run the business on a day-to-day operational level. We are looking at an aggregate of these documents.

2.  How long does the certification take?
The certification process takes six to eight weeks once a complete certification application is submitted. If new documents are required, it may take additional time to complete the certification process. NAWRB Women-Owned Business and Minority Women-Owned Business Certification will be awarded on the second Wednesday of each month.  This may extend your certification process depending on when you certification package is deemed complete.


3.  Who accepts your certification?
All private asset management companies will accept different certifications, simply choose NAWRB from their drop-down menu or input your information directly into their document repositories. If NAWRB is not listed, type in your certification in the first available space or email so that we may work with them to have our certification added. Policies at government agencies and GSEs may vary; for example, HUD relies on its asset management companies to vet their subcontractors and so the process will vary from entity to entity. 

4.  Do you offer minority women-owned certification?
Yes- when applying for certification, choose the box stating that you will be certifying as a minority woman business owner.

5.  When will I receive my certificate? Do I get a paper or electronic copy?

Once you have successfully completed the certification process, you will receive a electronic copy of your Women-Owned Business Certificate via e-mail. No paper copy is awarded.
6.  How do I submit my certification?
A certification package must be submitted via mail and attached in a manner where the order follows the application. The completed certification package must be mailed using a trackable courier to:


2601 Main Street, Suite #560
Irvine, CA 92614
7.  Who do I contact if I have questions during the certification process?
You can contact the certification NAWRB staff member at 949-559-9800 or email us at

8.  What benefits do I receive from being certified as a women-owned business?
Businesses, clients, and asset management companies will know you are certified as a women-owned business through the only organization that offers WOB certification specific to real estate. WOB certification is a marketing tool designed to compliment your overall approach to promoting your business. If you need tips on how to leverage your certification post-award, NAWRB provides its certified businesses with several tools such as a press release, marketing tips, etc. If coupled with a membership, NAWRB offers its certified businesses with prominent listing on, outreach to asset management companies on your behalf, and other promotional opportunities.
9.  What are some of the documents required?
The documents required are various documents detailing general business information, financial documents, and company structure. For the full list of documents, go to www.NAWRB/certification.
10.  Why do you need my financial statements?
Financial documents are required to prove that you are a stable and solvent company.
11.  I don’t feel comfortable submitting such personal information. What can I do to protect my privacy?
If you do not feel comfortable divulging sensitive information, you may redact information that is not critical to the recognition and ownership of documents. Redactions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

12.  How do you guarantee that my documents will be safe?
All documents submitted to NAWRB for certification are stored in a secure off-site location. Only the NAWRB Certification review committee members will be able to access documents during the certification process. Upon award, completed certification packets are moved to off-site secured storage.  

13.  How does your certification differ with others?
We are the only women-owned business certification specific to the Housing Industry.

14. What If I'm already certified through WBENC or NWBOC?
Certifying as a women-owned business through NAWRB requires additional documents in addition to those required by WBENC or NWBOC. It is not necessary to complete the entire certification application if you're certification through one of those organizations is still active. 
15.  How does your certification differ with SBA’s self-certification?
It is a third-party certification that is accepted by non-governmental parties. The SBA WOSB or EDSWOB certification programs are specific to a particular government contracting program specific to women-owned businesses. Those programs technically qualify as "self-certification" and are not recognized by NAWRB.
16.  Can I buy certification without the membership?
Yes. To certify with NAWRB as a women-owned business, you do not have to be a member of NAWRB.
17.  How is this going to help my business?
NAWRB’s Women-Owned Business and Minority Women-Owned Business Certification will be able to show asset management companies, corporate clients and the public that you are officially certified as a women-owned business. You will also be able to use NAWRB membership benefits to excel in your business. For more information on how NAWRB and its certification can improve your business, visit the Member Services page. 
18.  How long is my certification valid?
Certification is valid for one year after initial award date and re-certification renewal is required to revalidate your certification each year.

19.  Will I get referrals or listings with this certification?
NAWRB does not guarantee any listings or referrals with membership or certification, however certified members may take precedence over non-certified members for referrals.
20.  What if I am considering changes in my business structure?
If you are considering changes in your business structure, ownership, or place of business, you can still certify as a women-owned business and mail documents showing proof of change as they occur.
21.  What is the renewal process?
To renew your certification, you are required to send NAWRB your required updated documents from the past year of business, along with any changes in business structure, location, key management and board members, and any other major changes that affect your business. 
22.  Who do I contact about changes in my company?
If you have any changes within your company, you can mail any new documents to:

NAWRB Certification

2601 Main Street, Suite #560
Irvine, CA 92614
23.  What if one of the required documents is no longer in my possession?
If one of the documents is no longer in your possession, please include a cover letter in your certification application explaining why the required document is no longer available. The cover letter should be on the business’ letterhead with an explanation of why the document is not available, along with a signature of the majority stakeholder.
24.  Can I turn in a blank purchase sales contract?
Real estate brokerages need to provide an executed purchase sales contract.  This serves as evidence that you are a woman working in real estate and in practice within your organization.

25.  How do I obtain Client Scorecards? 
If you have a direct relationship with an outsourcer or other company assigning REO properties to you, many of them issue periodic score cards to track your performance. If they have not issued a recent scorecard, please ask them for the latest scorecard that they have for you. If you cannot obtain scorecards or if your businesses is in real estate but not a brokerage, simply include this information in your cover letter detailed in question 25.

26.  When you ask for a Master Sales Agreement, are you referring to a Master Listing Agreement? 
Yes. Names of documents may vary based on state, board, client, or numerous other factors. If you're not familiar with a document we are asking for, simply give us a call or email

27.  Why do you need a Signed Check?
This is evidence of a woman exercising financial authority to run the business on a day-to-day operational level.

28.  Why do I need to submit three business emails?
This is evidence of a woman exercising managerial authority to run that business on a day-to-day operational level.

29.  Why do I need to provide a birth certificate? 
Your birth certificate is used to verify your gender and U.S. citizenship.