Women’s Homeownership: Dream, Stability, Sanctuary

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On December 2, 2017, NAWRB held its event, Women’s Homeownership: Dream, Stability, Sanctuary, revealing impacting women’s homeownership deliverables and top emerging markets in the housing ecosystem with expert speakers Desirée Patno, CEO and President, NAWRB; Hope Atuel, Executive Director, AREAA; Yolanda Lujan, Vice President, Chief Business Officer, NeighborWorks OC; Vanessa Montanez, Regional Vice President of Business Development, On Q Financial; and Hyepin Christine Im, Founder, FACE/KCCD.

Women homebuyers represent a tremendous opportunity and an even bigger opportunity cost. Single women homebuyers have been flying under the radar for over 30 years outbuying single men! Knowing how to market, understanding the deliverables and working with women buyers is the key! Attendees received four hours of intense training to make a difference and realize the missed opportunities.

A woman’s home is more than just a home, it’s her sanctuary! Her home is a place of personal freedom, security and comfort in an impacting world, and a source of financial stability. Through events like this, NAWRB connects buyers to dynamic homeownership tools, prepares professionals to serve diverse clients, and helps entrepreneurs elevate their businesses.

Below, please view our photos and videos from our women’s homeownership event, and visit NAWRB.com/calendar to learn about upcoming NAWRB events.

Dec. 2 Homeownership - Placentia
Event Slideshow


VIDEO: Desirée Patno discussing how far women have come, the obstacles that remain, and the true meaning of homeownership to women.


VIDEO: Yolanda Lujan detailing the resources NeighborWorks OC provides homebuyers and the ways they can be leveraged to buy homes.


VIDEO: Hyepin Christine Im speaking about Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE), valuable homeownership tools, and moving home buying success stories.


VIDEO: Hope Attuel addressing the preferences of and misconceptions about the Asian community.

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