Interview with Meg Epstein Founder & CEO of CA South

Real estate developer Meg Epstein, Founder & CEO of CA South, who was born in California, but calls Nashville, Tennessee home, has over a decade of experience creating efficient, modern lifestyles for people in their homes and neighborhoods. Epstein founded CA South in 2015 with the idea of bringing to Nashville her sense of design and style of building honed from her days in construction in the state of California.

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Life of a Female Veteran: U.S. Army Combat Pilot Veteran Erica Courtney (part 6 of 6)

If you serve, you understand more than most how life can be taken from you in an instant, so I chose to appreciate living and what lies ahead. This is the last segment in the series but there are still many chapters to write. To recap the first five parts, I joined the Army at 19-the day the Gulf War started-as a military policeman stationed in Germany and New Jersey. Decided to finish college and won a scholarship where I was a cadet learning to be an officer. I graduated number one in my class and was assigned to aviation where I became the first group of women to become aero scout mission flying technically advanced, armed helicopters. It was not easy to integrate into a very male organization but with time, I had earned respect and learned to hone in my leadership style. After 11 years decided to leave the service after multiple tours at home and abroad. Mostly because I felt my mortality as I was now a mother of two young boys and deployments were not slowing. I went through a transition period which was like going into a completely different culture. It took me a long time to navigate the military-civilian cultural divide but managed to earn an MBA, work as a corporate executive and own two small businesses that placed me in the top 10% of veteran earning firms. Throughout this period, I began advocating for veterans and women through policy, programs and individual connections. So, after 11 major moves and years of personal and professional growth, it leads me here.

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WHER Chat: Must-Know Resources to Scale Your Business

Capital is pivotal for the success of any entrepreneur to launch a sustainable and lucrative business. Traditional routes of access to capital are changing as technological development creates new avenues, and the distance between entrepreneur and investor decreases due to an increase in fast and efficient communication.

The 2019 NAWRB Women Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), the third installment of the most diverse coverage of the housing ecosystem with over sixty resources in six volumes, explains in detail how the advent of gender lens investment and diversity certification has made it easier for entrepreneurs to access modest amounts of capital and opportunities for government contracting. NAWRB is proud to be one of 11 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)’s women-owned small business resource partners.
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