Know the Rules of the Game RECAP: SPECIAL GUEST Shlomo Chopp!


Yesterday, Shlomo Chopp joined Desiree Patno on an all-new Know the Rules of the Game Podcast to discuss the ways we can revive eCommerce and help small business owners in a time of online stores and express shipping!

Here are Chopp’s Three Rules and Tip of the Day:

Rule #1: eCommerce is not a profitable venture on its own.
Rule #2: Retail space cannot only be evaluated by in-store sales, nor can it charge rent based on eCommerce.
Rule #3: Traditional methods of financing real estate is at the core of retail challenges.

Tip: To succeed, shopping center owners must do more than rent four walls.

Missed the podcast? Don’t worry! Watch or listen to the full episode on YouTube ( or at

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Family Office Coffee Clutch SPECIAL GUEST: Arthur Bavelas


Next Monday, the Family Office Coffee Clutch will be featuring our special guest Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Founder & CEO of BavelasGroup Family Office & Family Office Insights!

Come join Desiree Patno, Wendy Craft, Marty Dutch, and De Anna Guerreiro on Clubhouse for another week of catching up on all the latest opportunities, news, conferences, and more within the family office realm!
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