Muffy Davis: Breaking Barriers

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Muffy Davis knows no bounds. She has won medals in multiple Paralympic Games as part of Team USA, holds over 25 World Cup titles, is a loving mother and wife and successful motivational speaker. She has triumphed through life’s challenges to become the accomplished woman she is today. 

As a young skier and Olympic hopeful, Davis’ journey to the Olympic Games was disrupted by a life-altering accident in the late 1980s. While traveling at over 45 MPH, she skied through a safety fence and hit two trees. Although her helmet saved her life, her spine was fractured, which rendered her paralyzed from her mid-chest down. Davis was only 16 years old. 

Although she was forced to confront her new disability, it marked the beginning of a rewarding and successful career. Instead of simply surviving, Davis chose to thrive. It was a combination of moments that led Davis to accept her fate and flourish with her new circumstances. 

“I was young; I was 16. After a couple years, I realized I wasn’t going to wake up and I didn’t want to miss 18. I had spent a lot of time in therapy and rehab. I looked at my mom and said, ‘Mom, I’m okay with this and you have to be too. I want to live. I want to move forward,’” said Davis. 

A year after her accident, Davis captured a glimpse of the world of adaptive sports when she saw the Disabled Alpine World Championships in Winter Park, Colorado. Her first reaction was “Hey, I can do that” and her fiery passion for competitive sports was once again ignited.

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