Direct Referrals

NAWRB’s referral program focuses on connecting members with listing opportunities within the industry. These referrals are free but are dependent on the needs, inventory and listing goals of the asset management firms working with NAWRB. NAWRB connects with these firms to increase the utilization and visualization of women-owned businesses in these vendor networks. When a direct referral is given, a member will receive a phone call or email stating NAWRB has provided their contact information to an asset management firm, or other forms of initial introductions will take place. A member may be requested to complete an asset management firm’s broker registration in order to obtain the referral.

NAWRB does not guarantee direct referrals based on membership with us. The opportunity for referrals varies on a member’s performance record, location, coverage area, scope of services and the demands of the asset managment firms. Referrals are given to members based on seniority in NAWRB.


Why Choose A NAWRB Member

NAWRB members are ideal choices for asset management firms because they are some of the most experienced, diverse and qualified women working in the industry. NAWRB members are driven, goal-oriented professionals, and are valuable assets in the housing economy. NAWRB’s certified women business owners and minority-women business owners have undergone a rigorous certification process ensuring their business is women-owned, women-operated and experienced in the housing economy.