Executive Team

Desiree Patno
CEO & President

Desirée Patno is the CEO and President of the National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) and Desirée Patno Enterprises, Inc. (DPE). With over 25 years in real estate and championing gender equality, she brings insider knowledge to NAWRB’s mission of advancing women and women-owned businesses in the housing ecosystem.

As Vice Chairwoman of NAWRB’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council, she oversees the accountability of increased women-owned and small business utilization and women inclusion at all levels. Since 2010, NAWRB has brought the awareness of the diverse opportunities provided by the Office(s) of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) established by Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. NAWRB is honored to be one of only 11 organizations listed as a Women’s Entrepreneurship Partner for the SBA.

Desirée resides on the Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) Leadership Advisory Council and Enterprising Women Advisory Board.

In 2017, she was named the highest-ranking woman and 4th overall Top Real Estate Influencer to Follow by Entrepreneur.com and received the Connected Women of Influence Women’s Advocate of the Year award. In 2016, she was honored with HousingWire’s Women of Influence award and was selected the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Women in Business Champion of the Year. In 2012, Desiree won the prestigious Enterprising Women of the Year award as well as HousingWire’s Women of Influence award for the first time. 

Rebecca Steele
NDILC Co-Chairwoman

Co-Chairwoman: Rebecca Steele, President of Sigma Associates LLC

She brings more than 20 years of mortgage origination, community and consumer housing communications and solutions, working with the nations largest banks.  She also has significant default servicing industry expertise, and operations, production, and project/change management (Lean Six Sigma) leadership experience. Steele was the national mortgage outreach executive for Bank of America, where she also managed default servicing management within home loans servicing and was head of national servicing and centralized retail mortgage sales.  She has led many of the mortgage process improvements and projects related to controls, risk and compliance, as well as implementation of many of the new requirements for Dodd Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She most recently founded and was CEO for the Steele Advisory and Services LLC, where she led the strategic and business development efforts for several strategic national servicer and vendor management companies

Jay Jones
Procuring Contract Specialist

Jay Jones is the Procuring Contract Specialist
As President of Chrimata, Jay was directly involved in hundreds of purchases of investment properties and later manage the rental properties portfolio. Jay formed Chrimata “Management professional leasing company” to meet the needs of other companies employee demands. Prior to forming Chrimata, Jay was a Senior Scientist for Xontech, Inc, a Leading Defense contractor. A data analyst and system integration specialist conducting and analyzing flight mission experiments for the space defense program. Jay is an active community leader who sat on the board of Directors for AYSO soccer league and coach many teams through the years embracing the motto “Everyone Plays.” A father of 4 boys, jay is consistently supporting the lives of the young. Jay hopes to one day teach Physics at the high school level.

Silvia N. Rathell
Government Relations Chairwoman

Silvia N. Rathell is a small business owner and co-owner of Rathell Properties LLC, a small investment company that focuses in real estate. She joined NAWRB in 2017 as the Washington D.C. Satellite Office Government Relations Chairwoman assisting the organization’s growth in government advocacy on behalf of women’s gender equality and women-owned businesses in the housing ecosystem.

Planning to pursue her doctorate degree in the near future, Rathell sits on several national boards and advisory councils—the White House Policy Briefings for Latino Leaders, The National Farmworker Alliance and the Social Security Administration’s Latino Advisory Board, to name a few—always mindful of the fact that there remains much work to be done for women and minorities.

Mrs. Rathell lives in Maryland with her husband Brooks Rathell, her 17-year-old daughter Maya, 7-year-old daughter Adrianna and 5-year-old son Brooks Jr.

Monda Raquel Webb
Senior Business Consultant

Monda Raquel Webb has over 25 years of extensive corporate, government and non-profit experience with specialties in marketing, mortgage finance, business development, content creation, training, communications, outreach, public relations and partner engagement.
Monda personifies the trifecta experience in the Mortgage Finance industry as a licensed real estate agent (residential market) in MD/DC since 2003, as well as holding positions with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (primary market) and Fannie Mae (secondary market). She recently completed a 5 year tenure with Making Home Affordable, U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Monda is also a small business owner, with a media and film production company. The publishing arm of Monda Media has published four books and manages author brand, public relations,and marketing/sales of product and ancillary items. Monda then established Little Known Stories Production Company, LLC as the production arm of Monda Media. In 2015, she wrote, directed and produced her first short film, “Zoo (Volkerschau)”, which has won 11 U.S. and International Film Festival Awards, including awards from Spain and Indonesia, for “Best Short (film)”, “Best Script”, “Excellence Award” and other categories. “I’m DNA purposed to create literary and visual art that celebrates humanity,” Monda says. I’m an independent filmmaker dedicated to telling little known stories hidden in the crevices of history’s pages. A visual archeologist, I’m committed to organic storytelling that elevates, educates and uplifts humanity.”

With the depth and breadth of her experiences, Monda brings a unique perspective of the mortgage finance market, which allows her the benefit of understanding all aspects of the industry and communicate effectively to any audience, from first-time homebuyer to seasoned veteran.

Kendall Roderick
Graphic Design

Kendall Roderick is the Graphic Designer at NAWRB. She has her BFA in Graphic Design, an Associates degree in English and her Industrial Design Certificate. She has had three short stories, two poems and three books published in the last seven years.  When she isn’t designing, she is writing, obsessing over books, her wonderful husband, and their three furry children.

Belester Benitez
Content Writer

Belester Benitez is a Content Writer at NAWRB. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with The Emphasis in Creative Writing and a Global Cultures minor. In his free time he enjoys writing, reading, going to the movies, sports, trying new restaurants, and spending time with his family and friends.

Yvette Hernandez
Membership Assistant

Yvette Hernandez is a business marketing major at California State University of Fullerton. She interns as an event planner and social media marketer at NAWRB. Her campus experience as member of the Business Latino Association developed her team player skills. She strives to explore a career in marketing after graduation.

Burgandy Basulto
NAWRB Writer

Burgandy Basulto is a writing intern at NAWRB. She is an alumna of California State University, Fullerton, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and philosophy. She plans to attend graduate school for philosophy in order to pursue a career in academia. Her passions include writing, reading, traveling, photography, and a good cup (or two) of coffee.

Jing Tian
NAWRB Accountant

Jing Tian has a Masters in Finance from the University of California, Riverside which includes fundamental skills about corporate finance, accounting and investing. She is detail-oriented and good with numbers. Her learning experience is from an insurance company in Hong Kong which inspired her to study further in financial planning. Jing is currently working as the accountant at NAWRB. She strives to explore a career in corporate finance after graduation.

Lucille Chaney
Administrative Assistant

Lucille Chaney is administrative assistant at NAWRB. She is a recent graduate of California State University, Fullerton, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She plans to attend graduate school for social work and eventually have her own private practice. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and anything active that involves the outdoors (with her dog of course).