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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

NAWRB’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting Services offer DE&I metrics and diversity training at all employment levels.

Real Estate

We provide invaluable resources for all aspects of the real estate ecosystem, including residential, commercial, industrial & retail.

Business & Family Ownership

From providing small business owners with gliding principles for long-term success to understanding family office dynamics and culture with the rise of impact investing and intergenerational wealth transfer.


We address how advanced areas of technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, will alter the industry.

Access to Capital

Our financial resources include over a billion dollars in a single transaction to put down roots, be sustainable or scale a business.

Aging Population

The aging population is an often neglected but significant portion of our society that will be dependent on younger generations for their wellbeing. It is prudent we become more aware of the demographics and challenges, including employment.

NDILC’s Twelve Women Leadership Principles

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  1. Honor Trailblazers: Respect and learn from the women before us recognizing their enduring contributions.
  2. Keep Growing: Great leaders continuously learn and evolve for growth and refinement in their leadership journey.
  3. Stretch Yourself: Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.
  4. Lift Others: Empowering future generations of women by providing opportunities contributes to a lasting legacy.
  5. Be Authentic: Know yourself. Lead in a way that is true to you.
  6. Take a Stand: With firm beliefs, defend them thoughtfully, and respect other’s perspectives and feelings in the process.
  7. Listen: Seek to understand. Everyone has a unique life journey.
  8. Be Present: Sharing your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.
  9. Prepare for the Future: Embrace today’s changes to be ready for tomorrow.
  10. Be A Change Agent: Be the architect of change by improving , mentoring, teaching others a meaningful life.
  11. Be Accountable: Ownership for yourself, family, community and planet.
  12. Build Equality: Empower women every day to achieve a level playing field.



Our decade-long history in social impact through our data analytics, media engagement, connections with senior executives and expert leaders across the housing ecosystem, and involvement in government legislation, drives our ability to facilitate greater returns on communities, helping them thrive and be sustainable for generations to come. We connect and advise key players on the best way to positively impact distressed communities.

Women’s Homeownership, Affordable Housing

NAWRB promotes the importance of women’s homeownership. A woman’s home is her sanctuary, a source of financial stability, and often her company headquarters. We provide insight into developments and efforts to increase affordable housing for all.

Aging Population, Elder Financial Abuse

There are few options to help prevent the aging population from financial abuse. Leverage our systems in place to gracefully enjoy life to the fullest.

Small Business Sustainability, Financial Literacy

Providing small business owners with guiding principles for long- term success, our package advises small businesses to be meticulous in everything from vetting their financial institutions to establishing excellent cybersecurity.NAWRB offers a variety of Financial Education platforms focused on poverty, homeownership, small business sustainability and social impact.

Research & Development, Social Impact

NAWRB Women Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), our annual research report, provides the vision to revitalize communication and partnerships

Media, Magazine, Know the Rules of the Game®

We provide a gender lens on issues in real estate and housing with NAWRB Magazine, Know the Rules of the Game Podcast ® , and a host of other


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