Your Traveling Symposium

Curating Synergy and Maximizing Opportunity In Your Community

Imagine customizing your symposium to fit your company’s needs!

Starting from $5,000 for a presentation to $20,000 for a full day plus travel arrangements.


NAWRB is known for their incredible deep relationships and vision within the Economic Ecosystem. Below is a sample of choices we offer, and we will tailor your symposium to align with your company’s goals and mission.


  • Diversity & Inclusion – Benefits of Having Diverse Agents, Products & Services in Your Brokerage
  • Homeownership – Unique Opportunities and Prospects; Women’s Population Homeownership Barriers & Solutions
  • Homelessness & Poverty – State of Homelessness & Poverty; Affordable Housing
  • Business Ownership – Procuring Contracting Opportunities through Classification & Certification; Small Business Sustainability
  • Access to Capital – From $5k to Billion for Residential & Commercial
  • Aging Population – Housing, Health and Healthcare, Caregiving & Elder Financial Abuse
  • Commercial Markets – Untapped Opportunities in the Market
  • Veterans – Holistic Transitional Housing for Veterans; How to Reach & Understand Veteran Homebuyers
  • Media & Marketing –  Reaching a Larger Audience Through Branding, Social Media & Speaking Engagements
  • Technology Human Balance ® – How Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Are Changing Real Estate Without the Hype


As we celebrated our 10th Anniversary this year, we brought down the house with the most diverse industries and senior leadership across the economic ecosystem. We realized bringing it to you by sharing and leveraging our resources will make a greater impact and facilitate collaboration for future generations as we travel around the world.


Know the Rules of the Game ®