Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? Take a look at NAWRB’s Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem?

Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) is a leading voice for women focused on advancing gender equality, raising the utilization of women-owned businesses and providing women the tools for economic security, stability and sanctuary. We provide one of the most thorough resources for women in the industry, covering a wide-range of topics and issues affecting women in the housing ecosystem from poverty and homeownership to C-suite opportunities and family offices.

What are the core benefits of NAWRB consortium?

Projecting your voice to the national level is difficult for any single business to do. NAWRB speaks at the industry level on behalf of women in the housing economy and women-owned businesses and connects to the federal government for direct access to institutions involved in housing finance and all other industry-related issues. NAWRB focuses on three core consortium services:
Direct priority referrals for certified businesses.
Industry and national representation for women-owned businesses.
Access to other women business owners and the institutions eager to do business with them.

How does NAWRB give me an exceptional consortium experience?

We excel at relationships and creating connections. As a part of NAWRB, you will have the opportunity to develop business and personal relationships to last a lifetime. In addition, our marketing emails, press releases and weekly newsletters will be waiting in your inbox covering breaking news, association updates, business leads, discounts and other important information helping you to filter out what’s important in a busy, competitive industry. Finally, we act as your voice at industry events and talk about the issues you care about in our articles, magazines and in-person.

Who does NAWRB promote my business to?

NAWRB has direct ties to asset management companies, REO outsourcers, servicers, financial institutions and government entities. NAWRB regularly uses federal and state initiatives to monitor current usage and promotes increased utilization of women-owned businesses. Many institutions respond with requests for access to our network of consortium businesses, providing  possible referral opportunities to our participants.

I hear NAWRB talk a lot about federal contracting. What exactly does NAWRB do regarding federal contracts?

NAWRB is a leading resource for women business owners in the housing and real estate ecosystem who want to access the federal marketplace. We monitor and when appropriate, pursue federal contracts with the intent to distribute assets in a wide market area using a women-owned and minority women-owned business network.

We do not bid on contracts or write proposals for individual participants, but when we are able, make interested participants aware of local, state and federal contracting opportunities.

What are the differences between NAWRB and other associations?

NAWRB is the only housing and real estate ecosystem trade association exclusively representing professional women and women-owned businesses. Other groups focus on specific minorities, individual women or allow general consortium. NAWRB maintains a focus for its consortium base for all women in the housing and real estate ecosystem. Because allies are important in this cause, we have opened our consortium to men.

Do you assign listings?

To date, NAWRB does not assign listings directly to its participants. However, NAWRB works in conjunction with major outsourcers and other REO and short sale businesses to provide no-cost referrals to our participants. Our referral system takes several different forms each dependent on the needs of asset management firms; however, participants always receive notification when their contact information was provided to a firm looking to list and REO or short sale with a women-owned firm in their market area.

Once your information is provided, selection criteria varies per the discretion of individual asset management firms. We provide the initial introduction with asset management firms but selection is based on their criteria and your overall business performance.