Conference Testimonials

“NAWRB: Great Content, Great Speakers, Great Conferences, Great People, Great Organization.”
– John Yen Wong, CRB
Founding Chairman, AREAA

“The conference provide excellent opportunities for networking with other women in the industry.  All sessions were very informative.  More importantly, I can apply what I learned immediately to my business. ”
– Sharon Bartlett, Principal Consultant and Owner, Sharon Bartlett Consulting

It’s an honor & privilege to support an organization that is a voice for women in real estate.
-Angel Knightr, Founder | CEO | REALTOR® Diamond Realty Brokers

The 2nd Annual Conference did not disappoint. All of the speakers were dynamic and the messages they conveyed will definitely help to increase our businesses. Women have always been a force, and now more and more people will see it. Jay Inouye from Freddie Mac said something that I will never forget. “Sell to everyone, but buy from each other”.
-Gloria M. Baker, Program Director, Veterans Preference Inc., NAWRB’s Certification Committee

It was such a pleasure attending this year’s NAWRB Conference. What great content and speakers. J Thank you for making this event possible for all of us to access such valuable information.
-Jennifer Chavez, Area Manager, Arista National Title

I have attended a lot of conferences over my 30 year career and just want to tell you how impressed I was with every detail of your effort. It was totally first class from beginning to end and your line up of speakers were amazing. You are destined for greatness!!
-Linda Craft,CEO, Linda Craft & Team, Realtors

Thank you so so much! Like I said at the conference, you have done amazing work! You’ve rallied some amazing people to come speak and it was a very empowering group of men and woman that you were able to bring together on panels and for keynote speeches. You’re def going somewhere great with this and I can’t wait to see what’s next!
-Sherry Lazar,Senior Account Manager, Arista National Title

What a wonderful opportunity is was to meet the people who are involved in creating the laws that benefit Women Owned Business’s!! I feel like I was able to obtain a tremendous amount of information that I needed to make decisions for the continued growth of my company.
-Mashell C. Stith, Real Estate 31

Dynamic, Innovative, Inspiring! We made History! I am so proud to have been a part of this amazing, ground moving event.
-Donna Nazir, Broker/CEO, The Sky Group, Inc.

It was a great experience, full of information that is useful in my business. I am very excited to see the future of NAWRB.
-Brandy Nelson, Red Top Realty

It was definitely a groundbreaking conference. It was unquestionably out of the norm; very innovative and unique sessions. Having the SBA there was truly beneficial. I thought it was a great event to help grow my business.
-Heidi Robinson, Thunderbird Real Estate

I really liked the power in numbers that we had and I really liked the level of integrity of women that were there — they were over the top.
-Valarie Kennedy, Re/Max

NAWRB hosted a great conference! It was very informative regarding raising the awareness of Dodd Frank Section 342. I look forward to the 2015 conference.
-Marleitha Williams

What a great event! Had a chance to connect with other strong business women in today’s housing industry. The energy was through the roof. I am ready to make 2015 my best year yet due to the best practices I learned while at the conference. NAWRB embodies synergy at its finest.
-Donna Nazir, Broker/CEO

The Inaugural NAWRB Conference held in Long Beach, California was nothing less than enlightening. I have been in the real estate business for more than 30 years now, I have attended numerous conferences in those years and have never felt the magnitude that I felt at our NAWRB Inaugural Conference. Desiree Patno, our leader was able to enlist powerful women and men who hold positions as managers or directors in the FDIC, FreddieMac, FannieMae, FDIC, and Congress Women to speak to our group. They truly enlightened and inspired us with their open dialogue in the promotion of Women Owned Businesses. We were able to get the CEO of EXIT Realty International, Tami Bonn ell, the President of New American Funding , Patty Arvielo to sit on panels and discuss our challenges and our stenches as women owned business owners and their panel discussions were extremely informative. As we move forward into 2015 I am confident that we as a group, meaning the members of NAWRB will be held in esteem by the individuals that attended our conference and when we knock on their doors so to speak for their assistance in building our relationships with them, we will be heard.

When women come together and share their support and their knowledge there is nothing stopping us!

-Melinda Harris, Broker/Owner, Exit Prestige Realty

Attendees will make invaluable business connections and friends for life. This conference will teach people how to navigate through the federal government system.
-Terry Rasner-Yacenda, Broker/Owner, Reno/Tahoe Realty Group

At last year’s conference, I met selfless women and walked away with confidence and a new vision for my business. This is a great platform to leverage social and communal assets. All women have something to bring to the table. NAWRB’s conference has given me a voice and a platform to converge my passion for career, lifestyle, and community as one brand.
-Rosalind Booker, Principal Broker-Owner, Arbrook Realty

What a great event! Had a chance to connect with other strong business women in today’s housing industry. The energy was through the roof. I am ready to make 2015 my best year yet due to the best practices I learned while at the conference. NAWRB embodies synergy at its finest.
-Silvia Rathell, Washington D.C. Satellite Office Government Relations Chairwoman, NAWRB