Access to Capital

Many small businesses are owned by women, and women entrepreneurs have notoriously faced hardships in gaining access to capital, from lack of information and resources and local and state government assistance to facing cultural biases from investors. Women-owned businesses make a sizable contribution to the nation’s economy and are continuing to drive economic growth. They represent 42 percent of all businesses, employ 9.4 million workers and generate revenue of $1.9 trillion dollars. However, the revenue disparity between women-owned and all privately held businesses has increased since 1997. For every dollar that a privately held company generated, women-owned businesses generated 37 cents in 1997 and 30 cents in 2019.  

NAWRB is dedicated to helping women-owned businesses increase revenue and thrive. Our 2020 NAWRB Women Housing Ecosystem Report (link) is a great tool for small-business owners and women entrepreneurs looking for access to capital.  

 Volume V: Access to Capital addresses the following topics:

  •  The Impact of COVID-19 on America’s Financial Wellbeing 
  •  How Media Can Improve Financial Literacy 
  • Resources for Financial Education & Literacy 
  •  COVID-19 Relief for Small Businesses: EIDL Loans & PPP 
  •  Government Contracting       
  • Gender Lens Investment 

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