California Wildfires: Eligibility for SBA Disaster Loans and Disaster Recovery Centers

While we still await updates, these California fires are being named the deadliest in the state’s history. At time of writing, the number of deaths from the Camp Fire in Northern California has risen to 77 while over 900 people remain missing. According to recent updates by Cal Fire, the Camp Fire has burned approximately 151,000 acres, causing over 40,000 residents to abandon their homes and find safety.

The Woosley Fire has burned more than 96,000 acres and numerous homes, and the Hill Fire in Ventura County has burned over 4,000 acres, including RVs and outbuildings. While the Hill Fire is fully contained, the Camp Fire is 66 percent contained and the Woolsey Fire is 94 percent contained. No matter how close your home or business is to wildland areas, it’s always best to be prepared in case of emergency evacuation, prepare your home to mitigate potential for damage, and have knowledge of your local and national recovery resources.

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