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This week, Fortune and Great Place to Work released their inaugural 100 Best Workplaces for Women list. For the report, Great Place to Work surveyed over 130,000 women from more than 600 companies who responded to a thorough questionnaire concerning, “everything from the fairness of their company’s promotions, to who has access to information and leadership, the level of support for employees’ personal lives, and the degree of inclusiveness and connection they feel with colleagues. Women answered 58 questions in total, including an overall assessment of whether the company is a great place to work.”

From the participating companies, the survey also collected information on revenue, number of female employees, percent of women in the company, percent of women in management positions and percent of women in executive positions.

An interesting detail about the survey is that Fortune did not release the actual questions. This is important to note when considering the results, because without knowing the questions, the true significance of the study cannot be entirely ascertained. Why are these workplaces the best for women? In which ways is this the 100 Best Workplaces for Women list and not simply the 100 Best Places to Work list? These are contemplations to which only the survey questions can respond.

How the Grading Works

Fortune affirms the survey’s accuracy, stating that responses hold a “95 percent confidence level” and a margin of error less than or equal to 6.5 percent.

Two-thirds of the score for each surveyed company is derived from employee opinion and reports from female employees, while the last third considers the comprehensive representation of women in the workforce and the amount of women in management and executive roles. Additionally, the survey assigned superior grades to companies where an equal amount of women and men reported having similar experiences.


The top 10 spots on the list, in order from the best workplace for women in the U.S. to the tenth, were awarded to:

  • TrueWealth

total employees: 26

% women in the company: 54

% women in executive positions: 44

  • Squaremouth

total employees: 27

% women in the company: 52

% women in executive positions: unknown

  • Texas Health Resources

total employees: 21100

% women in the company: 77

% women in executive positions: 61

  • Granite Properties

total employees: 150

% women in the company: 49

% women in executive positions: 29

  • Acceleration Partners

total employees: 45

% women in the company: 79

% women in executive positions: 80

  • Talent Plus

total employees: 115

% women in the company: 69

% women in executive positions: 33

  • Fluent

total employees: 60

% women in the company: 20

% women in executive positions: 20

  • Springfield Nephrology Associates

total employees: 27

% women in the company: 81

% women in executive positions: 40

  • PPR Talent Management Group

total employees: 110

% women in the company: 76

% women in executive positions: 42

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop

total employees: 4264

% women in the company: 87

% women in executive positions: 50

To learn more about these workplaces and read the survey in full, please click here.

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