Happy American Business Women’s Day!


Today is American Business Women’s Day which celebrates the achievements and contributions of millions of American working women and women business owners.

American Business Women’s Day was started by the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) in celebration of their September 22 founding date in 1949. The holiday was first celebrated on September 22, 1982, and was officially recognized in 1983 and 1986 by Congressional resolution and a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan.

Business Women’s Day is an important holiday because women continue facing significant workplace disadvantages. These drawbacks must be addressed and resolved, and we must not allow our achievements to distract us from their existence. While equality is still not our reality, women are working hard every day to make it so.


This is a day of celebration, celebration of the truth that American working women are on the rise.

The Census Bureau reports that as of 2012, there are 9,932,434 women-owned businesses in the United States, marking a 27.5 percent increase from 2007. Furthermore, according to the Department of Labor, there are 72.7 million women in the American labor force as of 2013.

These heartening figures should encourage the millions of current and hopeful American working women and women business owners to follow your passions and dreams. Women have an unbridled potential of which we have seen only a small glimpse, and it is remarkable to imagine all that we will accomplish in the future.

Today we recognize and celebrate the triumphs of American working women. Here’s to us!

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