Best Cities for Jobs in 2020

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There are many reasons one might choose to move to another state, but a common motivation is finding a state that offers many opportunities for higher-paying jobs. Glassdoor is helping citizens in their search of the best state for increasing their economic independence with the recent release of their Best Cities for Jobs 2020 Report, released this week. 

The report identifies the U.S. metros with the highest overall Glassdoor City Score on a comparison of the 50 most populated metros, which weighs factors such as, hiring opportunity (i.e., the ratio of active job openings to population), cost of living (i.e., the ratio of the median base salary to median home value) and job satisfaction. Each region is scored on a 5-point scale (with 5 being best city for a job, and 1 indicating worst city for a job). 

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Highest-Paying Jobs & Companies in 2019


Job-listing site Glassdoor just released their list of the Highest-Paying Jobs and Highest-Paying Companies in 2019. It might not come as a shock that the highest-paying jobs are in healthcare: Physician, Pharmacy Manager and Dentist, which require many years of schooling, were ranked as the top highest-paying career choices. The median base salary for a Physician is $193,415, $144,768 for a Pharmacy Manager and $142,478 for a Dentist. 

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Glassdoor Lists Best Places to Work in 2019

blogNCompanyBlog, a well-known job and recruitment website with company reviews, recently released their list of the top best places to work in 2019. The winners were chosen from a comprehensive analysis of company reviews and rating for quantity, quality and consistency, creating results that truly reflect the opinions of employees based on their experiences. In addition, to the list of the top companies in the United States and Canada, the website also breaks down the list by country, city and company size.

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