Cheryl Travis Johnson Interview NAWRB Conference 2018

NAWRB: Tell us a little about yourself and describe what you do.

I’m Cheryl Travis-Johnson, and I’m the Chief Operating Officer for VRM Mortgage Services. I’m also a part of the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services. At my first job as a COO of VRM, I handle end-to-end servicing solutions for clients from originations all the way through REO sales. For the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services, it’s kind of two-fold. We’re focusing on financial literacy in emerging markets, increasing the numbers of millennials, women and minorities in middle management to get them into C-suite opportunities—because 60 percent of the financial decisions are being made by a household that’s either being headed by a woman, a millennial or a minority— to make sure they have a seat at the decision table.

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