Roaring Twenty Award Winners




Our Roaring Twenty Awards Gala on August 31, 2016 will honor housing’s leading women who embody the spirit of revolution and progress of the 1920s!

These awards are for the women changing the game and breaking down barriers that stand before them. Almost a century after the Roaring Twenties we continue working for equal opportunities and representation. The pioneers of the women’s movement may no longer be with us, but as the leaders of yesterday make their exit, the leaders of tomorrow will rise.

The best way to lead is by example and our Roaring Twenty Award winners are innovators eradicating the misguided stereotypes and obstacles burdening women today. These winners create success even under continually imbalanced and disadvantageous conditions, display the unlimited potential of women in business and set the stage for tomorrow’s female entrepreneurs.

The Flapper


Amy Schumacher

President, Originations & Corporate Technology, New Penn Financial
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The Flapper Leading Lady


Hilary Jackson

Vice President, Home Loan Default Servicing, Capital One
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The Talkie

bonnell, tami

Tami Bonnell

C.E.O of EXIT Realty Corp International
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The Talkie Leading Lady


Renee Marie Jordan

Broker Associate
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The Gatsby


Min Alexander

Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services, Altisource
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The Gatsby Leading Lady


Victoria V. Blass

J.D. Candidate
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The Spirit of St. Louis


Shannon B. Jones

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The Spirit of St. Louis Leading Lady

Karen Rollings profile lighter (2)

Karen Rollings

Realtor / Associate Broker
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The Chanel


Casey Cunningham

CEO and Founder, XINNIX, Inc.
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The Chanel Leading Lady


Betsy Julian

Founder/Senior Counsel, Inclusive Communities Project
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The Chrysler

Photo _ TGM _ 2013-03 _ Toni Moss Head Shot

Toni Moss

CEO of AmeriCatalyst LLC
& EuroCatalyst BV
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The Chrysler Leading Lady

Jeannette headshot cutout

Jeannette Fuentes

REMAX Top Producers – Broker / Owner
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The Disney


Ginger Wilcox

Chief Industry Officer, Sindeo
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The Disney Leading Lady

Kris Miller

Kris Miller

founder & CEO, Healthy Money Happy Life
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The Charleston

Britnie Turner - horizontal

Britnie Turner

Founder & CEO, Aerial Development Group
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The Charleston Leading Lady

donna photo

Donna VanNess

President of Tarrant County Housing Partnership (TCHP)
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The Gershwin

Patty-Arvielo-headshot color

Patricia Arvielo

President, New America Funding
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The Gershwin Leading Lady

Teri Spiro Photo

Teri Spiro

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The Women’s Voice


Rebecca Steele

President and CEO, Steele Advisory and Services, LLC
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The Women’s Voice Leading Lady

AngelKnight_RE_Broker (1)

Angel Knight

Founder/CEO of Diamond Realty Brokers
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The Trailblazer


Shannon Vinci

Director of Business Process Solutions at Altisource
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to our

Distinguished Women Leaders

in the housing ecosystem

The Flapper
This woman is innovating the way of conducting business and has forged her own path as an entrepreneur.

The Talkie
This leading woman illustrates the power of marketing and branding in showcasing the quality of your business. The only thing more impressive than the way she advertises her business is the company itself.

The Gatsby
This award goes to an up-and-comer; an entrepreneur whose success is only a matter of time. Showing a way of doing business different from the established players, this woman proves that there is always room for innovation.

 The Spirit of St. Louis Award
This woman is a testament to women’s ability to be capable, successful leaders. Tearing down roadblocks, this awardee is changing the business world for women.

 The Chanel
A revolutionary, like Coco Chanel in the world of fashion, this woman is disproving misguided stereotypes and changing the way entrepreneurial women are perceived.

 The Chrysler
If we were to describe this woman in one word, it would be perseverance. No broken economy or fluctuating market can keep this woman from success; she creates growth regardless of the circumstances.

The Disney
This is a woman ahead of her time who not only solves today’s problems, but addresses the issues of tomorrow as well. She turns negatives into positives and doesn’t let the absence of a well-traveled path keep her from making her own way.

The Charleston
This woman is dedicated to helping others, successfully balancing her professional and personal lives in order to do so. From donating her time to her hard-earned money, she defines the meaning of giving back to your community.

The Gershwin
Realizing the importance of leading by example, this woman provides mentorship avenues for the generations of tomorrow to follow in her confident footsteps.

The Women’s Voice Award
This award goes to a woman who is concerned just as much about the professional welfare of others as her own. A steadfast advocate for the rights and opportunities of female entrepreneurs, she remains a strong voice in the fight for equality.

The Trailblazer
This is a woman succeeding in her competitive industry, embodying women’s power and paving the way for tomorrow’s women entrepreneurs.