As the CEO & President of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and Desirée Patno Enterprises, Inc. (DPE) Real Estate Brokerage, Advisor & Investor for AmicusBrain—AI for Aging Population, CSO for ZuluTime, Publisher, Connector and a National Speaker, Desirée Patno’s network and wealth of knowledge crosses a vast economic footprint. With three decades specializing in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem and owning her own successful brokerage, she leads her executive team’s expertise of Social Impact, Gender Equality and Access to Capital, and provides personalized consulting services to the Real Estate and Family Office community.

APRIL 26, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier this month, Distressed Services industry leaders, banking officials, and their federal counterparts met to discuss the continuing challenges as the country’s housing sector seeks firmer footing amid slow economic recovery. DS News hosted the annual Dare conference held in Washington, D.C. and present was the National Association of Women REO Brokerages (NAWRB) founder and president, Desirée Patno. Patno debuted several new programs and initiatives spear-headed by Desirée’s and other women business enterprises (WBE), showcasing the roles of women and non-profit activity in shaping neighborhood stabilization.

Among these initiatives is a NAWRB-designed program to improve communication between owners, cities, and servicers to catch troubled properties before they fall into distress. Describing the concept, Patno noted that, “by facilitating the flow of information between the owners, cities, and servicers, we can help improve the stability of neighborhoods most affected by the fall-out.” A substantial amount of distressed properties are not in compliance and cause numerous issues for both servicers and under-staffed city officials. Patno continued, describing the infrastructure NAWRB established to ensure that the concept becomes a reality. “We are positioning the organization as a communications hub that will bring cities with troubled properties/vacancies, owners and servicers together. With NAWRB member’s expertise in previously dealing with these issues independently, we are able to successfully combine our resources to reduce a large majority of the economic issues dealing with distressed, vacant properties.”

NAWRB recently founded a non-profit organization, the Community Enhancement Program, to buttress these efforts. Designed to implement public space rehabilitation programming, attract wider support and investment through tax-incentives, and act as a springboard to re-orient distressed lots, properties, and other public spaces, the Community Enhancement Program is a vital resource for distressed communities in need.

It is through Patno, and women owners in the industry like her, that the Distressed Services Industry contributes to stabilizing neighborhoods, and to national economic recovery.

NAWRB, local governments, and lenders alike are all invested in the health and vitality of America’s neighborhoods. A member-based association committed to promoting the success and leadership of WBEs within its industry, NAWRB enthusiastically promotes its nation-wide network, connecting owners, cities, and servicers in restoring vitality to neighborhoods.

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) is a leading voice for women in housing. NAWRB is dedicated to providing women the tools and opportunities for economic expansion and growth, while advocating and promoting women-owned businesses specializing in the housing economy.


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