Happy Fourth of July 2018 from NAWRB!

Today marks 242 years of independence for the United States! The Fourth of July is a day in which the nation celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence signed on July 1776. In commemoration of Independence Day, the U.S. Census Bureau has released interesting facts about the Founding Fathers, the nation’s changing population and the various ways Americans celebrate this national holiday.

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NAWRB (Women’s) Independence Day 48-Hour Flash Sale

Fourth of July is the celebration of America’s independence, and as women make up more than half of the population, their social and economic independence is an important part of it. As a leading voice for women in the housing ecosystem, NAWRB advances women’s continued economic growth and financial independence. 

To celebrate both Independence Day and Women’s Independence, NAWRB is having an Independence Day 48-Hour Flash Sale of Conference and Membership Packages! Purchase an Elite Membership and full conference ticket for $750, or an Engage Membership and full conference ticket for $525.

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