Upgrade your Home with these Unique Flowers

Celebrate spring and spruce up your home with a variety of flowers that are not only effortless to maintain but beautiful. Bright colors and interesting shapes will transform your front yard and backyard into a wonderland that costs very little when compared to other landscaping projects that may require professional help.



Add a touch of whimsy to your backyard with alliums. Fans of Dr. Seuss will recognize them as truffula flowers. The bright purple pom-poms are low maintenance and hardy enough to withstand varying climates. Some varieties of alliums can grow as high as five feet. The possibilities are endless with alliums: you can line the borders of a walkway with singular bulbs, plant multiple in a thick patch, or add single alliums among your bushes for a contrasting pop of color.



Daffodils are a classic flower for a reason. When in bloom, they offer bursts of color wherever you plant them. Opt to plant these bulbs in bulk as it will deliver the best color show for your yard. Although the bulbs can withstand harsh winters, the flowers require full sun or part shade to thrive.

Passion Flowers

passion flower









Enclose your backyard with a passion flower vine. They can also be grown on trellises. However, be aware that like most vines, the passion flower will spread rapidly. Those who already have robust gardens will especially benefit from the passion vine as it heavily attracts bees for pollination. The unique and exotic flowers also attract butterflies and acts as a common food source for butterfly larvae. The vine is relatively easy to grow as well.

Mexican Bush Sage

sage bush








Those that live on the West Coast, primarily California, will appreciate Mexican bush sage for its drought-tolerant properties. Drought-tolerant plants usually conjure up images of succulents and cactus. But if you still want to maintain a lush, colorful garden, this flower is a perfect choice. Although similar in appearance to snapdragons, the rich purple sepals of the flower are actually soft and fuzzy.

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