Top 4 Creative Ways To Zen Out At Work


How do you combat stress when you need to stay focused?  Learn how to calm yourself in healthy ways so you can enjoy your day and preserve your mental health. Here’s how:

  1. Pay Attention To Nutrition

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, put down the coffee cup. Although it may be delicious, those of us who are frazzled and/or prone to anxiety will most likely feel even more tense after sipping on coffee. Cut down on the sugar while you’re at it, as it can have the same effect.

  1. What’s Going On With Your Inner Dialogue?

Are you taking care of your mind and calming yourself down by using kind and compassionate words?  Or, do you catch yourself having pessimistic thoughts? If you do the latter, you need to stop it immediately. Negative self-talk may be the strongest cause of stress. The key to changing this is to replace negative dialogue with constructive thoughts. Try phrases such as “Even though I feel stressed at the moment, I will calm down,” or “I am motivated and have the skill-set needed to do my job effectively.”

  1. Make Sure You’re Breathing Properly

It’s incredible how some of us can go the whole day and never take full breaths. To fix this, try some belly breathing. You do this by breathing through your nose while expanding your belly outward. Exhale through your mouth and make sure your belly comes in. If you want to calm down, make sure your exhalations are longer than your inhalations.

  1. Have Proper Posture

It may sound simple, but standing up straight and holding your shoulders back can have a dramatic effect  on your mood, making you feel more energized and confident. If you ever notice your shoulders slumped and your body leaning over, this may be the reason for your lackluster mood. Believe it or not, exhibiting proper posture can make you feel more in control, capable, and able to conquer the day.

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