5 Key Traits of Successful Female Professionals


You may be a professional woman in the housing industry who is also a wife and mother. While you make your career a priority, you get busy. If you compare yourself to others, professionally and personally, know that it is an energy drainer and it can do a lot to negatively affect your mental health.

Successful women tend to create their own mantras and follow their own rules. Not only do they not compare themselves to others, but they do not allow themselves to be defeated emotionally. The following are five key traits of successful professionals.

  1. When it Comes to Validation, There’s is the Only One They Seek

If we don’t watch ourselves, we can leave it to others to either make or break our confidence based on their opinions of us. Not only will this most likely be an inaccurate interpretation of ourselves, but it is draining and can leave us incredibly insecure. Successful professional women tend to know their worth and praise themselves for their accomplishments.

  1. They Live in the Moment

Many of us have the unfortunate habit of looking back at our past professional failures. If we messed up with a client or failed to hit our career goals, we ruminate which takes our joy from the present moment and doesn’t allow for growth. Here is something to remember: mistakes are there to allow us to learn and grow.  Think of them as stepping stones and forget about being perfect because perfection doesn’t exist.

  1. They Say “No” When Necessary

You may feel that as a professional woman, saying “no” is seen as rude. But if a man were to do the same thing, he may be seen as assertive . Well, guess what? Men and women are equals and it’s time that we stop apologizing for putting ourselves first.

  1. They Focus Their Emotions on the Good

What we focus expands. Women who are successful in business focus on the good. Remember, when we are stressed and focusing on the negative, we cannot perform at our optimal level.

  1. They Surround Themselves With Positive People

Successful entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran was noted as saying that she fired complainers at her company right off the bat because they are bad for business. Well, the people you associate yourself which can be destructive to your success as well.

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