6 Key Tips for a More Youthful Appearance

If you want a fresh new look, you’re in luck because NAWRB has compiled the most effective makeup tips to keep you looking youthful. We also pinpointed which looks to avoid since they can add years to your age. Check these out:

  1. Go Lighter on the Blush

Make sure you’re not packing on the blush. Too much of it can resemble clown makeup. Opt for a bronzer instead and apply a cream blush only to the apples of your cheeks. Note: powder blush can seep into fine lines, impeding a youthful glow.

  1. Use a Lighter Colored Eyeliner Pencil

Black eyeliner can make eyes look dramatic and harsh, bringing other people’s attention to lines around the eyes. Try a lighter eyeliner shade, such as dark grey or brown. Steer clear from liquid liner as it can be too heavy.

  1. Not Applying Sunscreen to Your Chest and Hands

Not only is sunscreen a great way to help keep you from developing skin cancer, it can also keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. Many times women miss key places when applying sunscreen—especially their chests and hands. According to an Australian study performed in 2013, women who applied sunscreen to their hands daily had no appearance of aging after four years. That’s pretty incredible. Lather up on those key spots, ladies.

  1. Choose Lighter Lip Shades

When women wear dark-colored lipstick or ultra bright shades, it can bring unwanted attention to laugh lines that can actually age you. Instead, choose a soft light color for a fresher, more youthful look. Pinks and soft reds work on most people and give off a beautiful feminine vibe.

  1. Find the Right Foundation

Your skin tone can actually change as you get older, so it’s important to assess your skin color every few years to see if the foundation you are using still matches. And try not to pile on the foundation. Instead, use a spot corrector just where you need it and try to steer clear of powder based foundation which can age you. You can even try tinted moisturizer in place of your foundation altogether.

  1. Use a Matte Shadow Instead Of Shimmer

If your goal is to look more youthful, steer clear of shimmer eye shadows as they can highlight fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. A nice matte shadow can look both natural and flattering.

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