7 Smart Ways Real Estate Agents Can Protect Themselves

Many lines of work are less than safe; real estate can be considered one of them. Agents  work by themselves, are constantly meeting strangers and travel alone. So, what are some ways they can protect themselves?

The National Association of Realtors released the 2015 Member Safety Report in which 48 percent of female real estate professionals admitted to feeling threatened for their personal safety or the safety of their personal information when on the job. Common situations that inspired fear were vacant homes/ model homes, open houses, unlocked or unsecured properties, and properties in remote areas.

Real estate agents can utilize the following tips from self-defense experts and real estate professionals to help aid in their safety:

  1. Don’t Be Obvious About Valuables You Are Carrying Around

Better yet, keep valuables at home if it’s not necessary to your job. Thieves can spot these items quickly, giving them the perfect opportunity to pounce. You may also want to steer clear of carrying high-end items around, like expensive purses. If you need to bring your laptop or tablet, make sure it’s not in a bag that suggests wealth, such as high-end brands .

  1. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times

Pay attention to the people around you. Do you notice the same person lurking around the places you frequently visit? Make sure that you’re not being followed and that you are keeping yourself safe.

  1. Don’t Carry Too Many Items In Your Hands

Make sure to always have a free hand when you’re on the job, especially walking to and from different locations.  When our hands are full, it makes it difficult to fend off an attacker on a moment’s notice.

  1. Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged Before Your Appointment

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some of us have the tendency to let our phones die. This is unwise, especially when working in real estate. Make sure that your phone is charged before going to an appointment and leaving one. You can carry around a mobile charger and  invest in a car charger. Being without a cell phone is a major no-no and can put you in harm’s way.

  1. Make Sure To Keep Information About Colleagues To Yourself

If someone comes into your office asking for another agent, do not tell them where she or he is. This can put them in danger. In fact, don’t give out any information, not even a phone number even if the person claims to be a friend of the agent.

  1. Don’t Meet With Clients in Abandoned Locations Alone

Make sure that you’re not going to remote locations with clients alone. Unless you’ve known them for a long time, you can’t trust them. Don’t be afraid to invite colleagues along, or not go to the property altogether.

  1. Have Safety Devices With You, Even Hidden Ones

CUFF Smart Jewelry makes stylish  accessories that hide security devices. If you are in danger, you can press on the jewelry and an electronic distress signal will be sent to people authorized to receive alert messages.

Make sure to keep yourself safe at all times and try to utilize the above tips to help.

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