The Athletic Backgrounds of C-suite Women


Today is the 31st National Girls & Women in Sports Day, an annual national observance “celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in sports.” The theme of this day is Expanding Opportunity, and it supports efforts to increase girls and women’s access to sports. Currently, only 40 percent of high school girls play sports and 3-in-5 girls don’t have the opportunity to participate.

The confidence and character that sports develop in an athlete are incredible and often play a lasting role in a person’s life. Studies reveal that girls who play sports have more self-esteem, better health, stronger leadership skills, increased academic achievement and higher economic opportunity.

Furthermore, research by Ernst & Young (EY) and espnW demonstrates a connection between women’s athletic backgrounds and the C-suite. A survey of 400 women executives from four continents shows:

  • 64 percent agreed that sporting involvement contributed their own success
  • 74 percent said a background in sports could help accelerate a woman’s career
  • 52 percent of C-suite women played sport at the university level

From being healthier to becoming better candidates for the C-suite, sports possess the potential of empowering women and girls, helping them develop valuable skills they can apply in other areas of their lives.

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Today also marks the start of African-American History Month! Please click here for NAWRB’s blog on this special month.

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