Balance Work with Carefree Summer Fun


As a working woman, the days of carefree summer vacations spent by the pool or at the movies are fleeting. A full work schedule may make the weather seem like the only difference between summer and the rest of the year.

With Fourth of July approaching, it is important to adjust your work routine and make time for summer fun. Here are some events you can easily accommodate into your busy schedule.

City Events

Summer events funded by your city are great for many reasons, particularly because they are family-oriented and free. Here at NAWRB headquarters in sunny Orange County we have the opportunity to enjoy a Movie on the Lawn taking place at the Orange County Great Park, or any of the various Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts at Mike Ward Community Park. From Austin, Texas to Miami, Florida, cities nationwide are hosting their own free summer activities.

Events like these are a wonderful way to unwind after a long day, and are perfect for the entire family. You can attend similar events in your area; all you have to do is visit the events page of your city’s website and begin planning your fun summer evening.

Try a New Drink Recipe

The heat that this summer is projected to bring makes it the perfect time to try a new refreshing cocktail. Throw some new recipes into the mix and you might find a few welcome additions to your cocktail rotation:

Pineapple Rummy: Fill a glass with ice and sparkling cider. Mix in a shot of dark rum and some pineapple chunks.

Tequila Paloma: Fill a glass with ice and then pour in a shot of tequila. Finish it with grapefruit soda.

Cherry-Lime Rickey:  Mash three lime wedges, two teaspoons of sugar, and six pitted cherries in a glass. Finish with three ounces of gin and some ice.

Try these recipes with or without alcohol for a tasty break from the hot summer!

Plan a Day Trip

A day trip is an excellent way to experience a new place without having to worry about time and expense constraints.  Choose a city within a few hours’ drive and make a day of it.

If you’re in southern California, everything from Santa Barbara to San Diego is easily accessible. Experience a beach, a museum, or that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

Let yourself enjoy this summer by making time for these exciting activities.

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