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Comparably released their third annual Best Company Culture awards to the companies that were ranked the highest by employers based on workplace culture. Results are based on an anonymous feedback survey that gave employees a variety of company culture questions, from office environment and compensation to leadership and work-life balance.

Award winners are categorized into one of two categories: Top 50 Large Companies (with more than 500 employees) and Top 50 Small/Mid-Size Companies (with less than 500 employees). To qualify, large companies had to have a minimum ot 75 employee participants, and small companies needed to have a minimum of 25 participants. 

Top 10 Best Large Company Cultures

  1. Microsoft
  2. Zoom Video Communications
  3. ADP
  4. Google
  5. Hubspot
  6. Insight Global
  7. Smile Brands
  8. Costco
  9. Qualtrics
  10. T-Mobile 

Top 10 Best Small/Mid-Size Company Cultures

  1. Weave HQ
  2. Highspot
  3. Seismic
  4. SalesLoft
  5. Greenhouse Software, Inc.
  6. CultureIQ
  7. Upgrade
  8. Automation Group
  9. CollabNet 
  10. Culture Amp

See the full list of award winners here!

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