Business Program Provides Guidance and Skills to Women in Afghanistan, Rwanda

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Women entrepreneurs chosen from two countries—Afghanistan and Rwanda—were flown to the United States earlier this week to participate in the last segment of the 2014 Peace through Business program in Dallas, TX.

Established in 2006, the mission of the Peace through Business program is to help women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda develop the right business and leadership skills to grow and expand their small businesses. These women entrepreneurs will then transfer their business and leadership knowledge to their communities so that local economies can improve. Sponsors whose contributions have allowed the program to flourish include AT&T, UPS, Google, and Office Depot.

The program is comprised of three segments—In-Country classes, Leadership Development in the United States, and Train the Trainer. Each segment provides a well-rounded education within business and leadership. The first segment is conducted in their respective countries and includes classes that focus on the many facets of business such as marketing and accounting. Once classes are complete, the women fly to the United States for the second segment where they not only apply their business skills to their chosen industries but also engage in discussions about their own countries’ economies.

This week, the women embark on the “Business Boot Camp” portion of the program in Dallas. The boot camp is comprised of stimulating and engaging discussions at Northwood University. Discussion topics include specific areas of business, public policy, and leadership.

The final steps of the program have yet to be completed but will take place in Dallas as well. By the time the program concludes, there will be a class of strong, business-minded alumni who will serve as mentors to other members of their communities as well as powerful speakers and advocates for women in business.

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