4th Annual Conference

Women’s Collaboration for the Future

“The upcoming Annual Conference of the National Association of Women In Real Estate in Orange County, California promises to bring the top leaders in the real estate ecosystem together to network, share ideas and provide federal, state and county opportunities to obtain contracts.

I walked away from my first Annual Conference making friends for life. A must attend if you want to be the first to experience the next level of performance accessible to your business.”

Terry Rasner-Yacenda
Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, LLC
NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswoman



July 16 – July 19, 2017
Costa Mesa, CA
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NAWRB 2017 

Women and Small Business Real Estate Economic Summit

“Women’s Collaboration for the Future”

The NAWRB Conference is the nucleus, the center, and the source of business sustainability.

As a non-partisan organization, NAWRB still has a seat at the table. Our relationships at the forefront allow us an inside look at government contracting forecasts. What opportunities does the future hold?

Last year, millions of dollars in procurement contracts and vendor relations were secured from connections made at our conference. Will you capitalize this year?

Put an end to missed opportunities.

Register for the 2017 NAWRB Conference today!

*The dress code for the 2017 NAWRB Conference is business casual. By purchasing a 2017 NAWRB Conference ticket, attendees consent to the use of their photo, title, name and company name in promotional and other materials related to NAWRB and the 2017 NAWRB Conference.


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Hotel & Venue

3050 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

tel: +1 714 513-3474
fax: +1 714 438-4993

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The NAWRB Annual Conference directly connects you to housing ecosystem experts helping shape the future of the industry. Coupled with decisive networking opportunities among leading professionals and executives, the NAWRB Conference is always one step above the competition.


Women’s Economic Growth, Women’s Homeownership,
and Women’s Poverty

The synergy leading up to the 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future is filling up our attendees list faster than you can say “Sold!” With an inside look at housing ecosystem developments, NAWRB’s expert panelists deliver actionable solutions with specialized forecasts.

Despite significant disadvantages, with increasing wages bolstered by higher educational attainment, women homebuyers are one of the most exciting and fastest-growing markets today.

In 2015, the homeownership rate of women living alone was 25 percent higher than that of men in the same category, according to Census Bureau data, and in fields like civil engineering, women have grown 977 percent from 1970 to 2010.

Women earn 80 cents on the dollar compared to men and 29 percent of American families headed by women with no husband present currently live below the poverty level.

• Women have higher mortgage rates than men, despite equal or better repayment performance
• Homes owned by single men are worth 10 percent more than homes owned by single women
• The Census Bureau reports that single women are buying homes at a faster rate than their single male counterparts

Real estate professionals can grow their customer base by recognizing the significance of women homebuyers and tailoring their services and marketing accordingly. What are the brass tacks of this emerging market, and how can you support and capitalize on their buying activity?

Get the latest news on how to best serve and capture the hottest emerging homeownership market!

With the industry’s eyes and ears, NAWRB delivers the power to help propel women’s economic success.

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Limited Quantities Available.


Leverage Access to Capital,
Teaming and Diversity of Sourcing Business Avenues

Sustainability of Small Businesses

Of all firms, small businesses and women-owned small businesses are particularly prone to financial struggle, which often times leads to the demise of these ventures. With this reality and the inescapable competition from large firms, small companies have to be smart and resourceful if they are to succeed.

Last year, our groundbreaking session discussed access to capital opportunities, the power of teaming your small business with others, and ways to secure diverse business avenues for your company. Just because your company is small doesn’t mean you can’t win big.

Women-Owned Business Certification

Access to Capital

Last year, our resource partners delivered an update on the benefits and power in women-owned business certification. From leveraging your firm’s appeal in the government contracting field to increasing your company’s value and bottom-line profits, attendees learned to capitalize on critical business opportunities.

Why get certified? Do I qualify? Where do I start? What’s the return?  Several entities are actively looking for women-owned businesses

  • FALSE: There is no value in women-owned business certification.
  • TRUE: Diverse spend opportunities are being lost because the government and other entities cannot locate enough women-owned businesses

Small Business Sustainability –
Time Management – Independent Contractors

Women-Owned Contracting Opportunities

A variety of agencies with enormous responsibilities and projects in motion, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to the Small Business Administration (SBA), beckon the assistance of diverse independent contractors from several industries.

These entities possess contracts and set-asides for women-owned small business and small businesses within several designations. With the ever-growing diversity and inclusion (D&I) movement, a rising number of agencies are dedicating themselves to increasing the utilization of small businesses in the contracting arena.

As the Small Business Administration (SBA) reveals in the Scorecard Summary for fiscal year 2015, HUD awarded over $360 million in contracts to women-owned small businesses (WOSB). This is just one agency dedicated to working with WOSB in the contracting arena.

These contracts, potentially worth millions of dollars, could be pivotal for your business. If you prepare yourself, you could be the next recipient of a million-dollar contract.

To learn more about contracting opportunities including:

  • Contracting requirements
  • How you can best prepare your business for possible contracts
  • Contracting forecasts for fiscal year 2017
  • OMWIs in driving more engagement and results in practice and responses to RFI, RFC and RFPs. What are the current keys to the agency’s OMWI process? How can we help? How does it affect the professional or consumer?

Microsoft Office 365

IT Training

Attendees of our last conference received custom Microsoft 365 Technology Training to maximize their productivity as professionals in the housing ecosystem.

  • Demonstrate the vast effect software has on your time and performance
  • Teach you to boost your business by reducing time spent on tasks
  • Help you be more present in everyday interactions

Choosing the right programs for you makes all the difference!

Women’s Homeownership Initiative

Homeownership and its Sustainability

Last year’s speakers and panelists addressed Increasing Women’s Homeownership and its Sustainability – What Sets Women’s Homeownership Apart?

  • Women buy differently based on their family, relationships and economic development 
  • Through homeownership, women can cement their economic foundation and build a family legacy
  • By leveraging women-owned businesses, we can increase women’s homeownership, make it a priority and commitment 

MatchMaking Roundtables

Business Opportunities for Women-Owned and Small Businesses

  • Vendor and Procurement Contracting are serious business for Corporate Social Responsibility entities. Who is serious in utilizing women-owned businesses?  (Property Managers, Facility Maintenance, Brokerage, Contractors, Title, Escrow, IT, and other related industries in the housing ecosystem)
  • Our last conference had First Come First Serve Registration. 10 minute segments with clients who have supplier diversity. Maximize your segment by being prepared with capability statement and questions. If they don’t have your exact business needs today, it is a small world within the supplier diversity community. 
  • Minority Women-Owned Small Business Wins HUD Contract Worth 300 Properties a Month!
  • Teaming for Contracts Wins Big!  SBA has incredible mentorship programs and most of them are FREE!

Women’s Snapshot in the

Housing Ecosystem

Last year’s attendees enjoyed our photo shooting gallery with four full displays and live candid shooting throughout the conference to capture the actual women working in the housing ecosystem. Come and enjoy the fun and who knows you could be on our next cover!

List of contracts

From Local Entities

Actual entities looking for women-owned businesses as part of their core business and those increasing their corporate social responsibility diverse spend joined our conference last year. We bring this value and awareness to our attendees, enabling them to take action for increased revenues.


Mentorship and Confidence

The value and influence of a mentor is tremendous, especially within highly competitive settings such as C-suites and executive offices throughout America. The housing ecosystem’s leading professionals at our last conference shared their experiences with advisors and the meaning of mentorship and sponsorship in their lives.


To Be Announced

Confirmed Company 2017


6th Street Consulting
Altisource Portfolio Solutions
AMC Lending Group
AmeriCatalyst, LLC
Arbrook Realty
Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CP
Blueprint Realty Group
CAK International, LLC
Caliber Home Loans
California Department of General Services (DGS)
California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Capital Direct Funding
Cardinal Blue Investments, LLC
Casa Bella Realty Group/FHA Pros
Century 21 Marty Rodriguez
Certified Credit Reporting, Inc.
Chrimata, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Concrete Preservation Institute
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Desiree Patno Enterprises
Executive Real Estate
Exit Realty Corp International
Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Freddie Mac
GME Enterprises
The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc.
Hudson & Marshall
Isaiah House
Janeway Law Firm, P.C.
The Jills
JP Morgan Chase Home Loans
Keller Williams Realty
LA Family Housing
Merlin Enterprises/Summit Realty
Monarch Engineers
Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
Mozingo & Patel, A.P.C.
NeighborWorks Orange County
New American Funding
Nice and Bella
Powerhouse Realty Inc
Property Shop Real Estate Firm
Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing
Realty One Group Northwest
Realty World Golden Era
Red Label Realty
RE/MAX Elite Associates
RE/MAX Estate Properties
Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, LLC
Sea Turtle Real Estate, LLC
Selene Finance
Service First Realty
STEMconnector/ Million Women Mentors
Stepp Commercial
Summit Funding
Top Level Realty
Torelli Realty
United Wholesale Mortgage
U.S. Small Business Administration
VRM Mortgage Services
Wallick and Volk
WealthWise Financial Services
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)


The Award Gala celebrates the woman, her professional and personal achievements, as well as her ability to inspire and advocate for other women.

The runner-up from each category will be profiled as a Leading Lady.

DAY 2 // 6:30 PM 


Our Roaring Thirty Awards Gala on July 17, 2017 will honor the women leaders in the housing ecosystem making a difference with a seat at the table for women.

Who is Your Female Hero?

Were you inspired by the likes of Amelia Earhart or Coco Chanel? Who inspired or empowered you to believe in your success no matter what?

The theme for this year’s Roaring Thirty Awards Gala is “Who Is Your Female Hero!”

Dress up as your favorite woman hero at the 2017 NAWRB Roaring Thirty Awards. As we honor the incredible women at the top, our theme recognizes the leaders who inspired them along the way.

What better way to capture the essence of passing the baton to future generations?

Attend our 2017 NAWRB Roaring Thirty Awards Gala, ticket includes dinner. Going with a group? Check out our Gala Package.

Conference pass. Price will increase to $499 after June 30th. Gala tickets must be purchased separately.

Conference pass for NAWRB Members. Price will increase to $399 after June 30th. Gala tickets must be purchased separately.

July 19th – Learn the art of speaking, confidence, delivery & engagement to leverage your business & outreach as the go-to expert in your community.



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