Four Tips to Take Care of Yourself at Work

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Working takes a lot out of you. Not allowing yourself enough time to recharge affects your entire week and may prevent you from enjoying your days off. And what is the point of working if we cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor?

As a busy professional it is easy to forget to take care of yourself, whether you’re in and out of meetings or running from listing to listing. These small changes to your work week habits can have significant positive impacts on your wellbeing and state of mind.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep affects your health and mood. It is recommended you sleep seven to nine hours a night, but everybody is different, and you should get the amount of sleep you need.

Feeling rested and energized when you wake up will help you look forward to the day ahead, and even if you know the day will be tough, it will make you feel more prepared to face it.

Leave on Time

This is something directly related to sleep and especially pertinent to commuters. Leaving your house with plenty of time has a huge effect on your morning. You can ensure you do this by not snoozing your alarm, preparing your lunch beforehand or picking out your outfit the night before.

Leaving on time will allow you to be calm on your drive rather than hurried; you will be able to enjoy your commute instead of rushing past other drivers on the freeway or getting irritated when someone falls asleep at a light. If you get to work even just a little bit early you will feel ready for the day; if you arrive late you will start the work day in a flustered state of mind.

Eat at Work

Like sleeping and leaving on time, hunger has an effect on your energy and demeanor. Being hungry often leads to shorter tempers and a higher probability of becoming irritated. Making sure you have a filling lunch, or snacking on healthy foods like fruit or granola throughout the day will keep you content and levelheaded. Don’t give yourself a chance to get “hangry.”

Do Something You Enjoy After Work

It is important to enjoy your time off from work, even if it’s just the few hours before bed. Watch your favorite show, exercise, eat at a good restaurant, or spend time with your family and friends; do something that brings you joy. Using your free time will add meaning and significance to your work and your life. Don’t just fast forward through the work week, treat your after-work hours like miniature weekends.

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