Hottest Fashion Trends for Summer 2015


As we approach summer, knowing what fashion styles are trending can provide us with a huge confidence boost. We also need to know what is work-appropriate in the warmer months. Summer 2015 will bring with it 1970s inspiration.

  1. The Hippie Dress

According to Vogue, long, bohemian-style dresses are ‘in’ for summer. This style provides an elegant feel while also providing optimal comfort. Bonus: these dresses are versatile as they can take you from work to happy hour.

bohemian dress

  1. Red

Nothing screams confidence like rocking a bold, red outfit. Whether you choose a red blazer, dress, or high heels, this powerful color will showcase your fearlessness and help you gain more tenacity at work.


  1. Polka Dots

For us girly girls, polka dots have the perfect cuteness factor. Summer 2015 calls for polka dots in black and white. Celebrities such as Keira Knightley and Anna Kendrick have begun sporting black and white polka dots on the front covers of magazines and while attending film festivals.

polka dot dress

  1. Jumpsuits

This season, jumpsuits are in style. You can pair them with statement jewelry, leather belts, and scarves, just like Pucci, Dior and Ralph Lauren did at their Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show. These styles are inspired by pilot and technician attire, according to Vogue.


  1. Bright Colors

Bright colors signify summer. What better way to stand out than to dress in brightly colored clothing? Donning bright colors can even improve mood. According to color specialist LeatrueElseman, colors have the ability to make us feel certain emotions. “We have a repository of information about a color. For example, the color blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we are children is a positive thing — it means playing outside and fun. Evolutionary it also means there are no storms to come. This is why it reminds us of stability and calm.” Try to wear outfits that evoke good memories and observe how it changes your mood.

bright clothing

  1. Hats

The wide-brim sun hat is an elegant and feminine hat that is work-appropriate. Women working in the housing industry can wear it when they are showing properties and driving from location to location. It is versatile because you can take it from work to the beach. Floppy hats are also great as they provide a feminine look that adds style to any ensemble.


Use the above tips to boost your confidence, allowing you to feel trendy and up-to-date.

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