Hurricane Harvey and Irma Pet Rescue Resources

Hurricane Harvey has torn through Texas, flooding entire cities and displacing countless families from their lives and homes. As the flooding and rain continues—until early Wednesday, forecasters predict—we must raise awareness of resources and organizations helping displaced families and their pets.

During natural disasters, people have to make split-second decisions and are forced to leave behind some of the things they care about the most. Unfortunately, at times, those left behind are pets.

The pain of leaving behind a beloved pet and not knowing whether or not they are safe is immense. The love and companionship of a pet can never be replaced.

For people who have lost most of their material possessions and even their homes, being reunited with their pet means the world; a moment of love and hope amid the chaos.

Below are ways in which we can help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey and their pets. From financial contributions to food donations and volunteering your time, there are many ways in which we can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Ways to Help



Pet Rescue Resources

Throughout Texas, Florida and across the country, these organizations are working to keep pets out of harm’s way during Hurricane Harvey and unite families and pets that have been separated. These groups have been proactively getting pets to safety before the storm even made landfall.



Through the end of September 2017, NAWRB is offering complimentary subhead banners to nonprofits helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Linking people to the nonprofit organizations is incredibly important to us, especially during natural disasters.

Our graphic designer will create beautiful banners for those that don’t already have one. Subhead banners must be a minimum of 600 by 66 px at 72 DPI, yet we prefer 3333 pixels wide by 367 pixels high for the best quality.

If interested, please, email Please share this opportunity with your outreach. Stay safe and help one another.

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