MIT Announces Real Estate Finance and Development Certificate

MIT has announced a summer certificate program for individuals in the real estate industry. The private research university is collaborating with the MIT Center for Real Estate to create the program.

The certificate program is geared towards a global audience and caters to established individual real estate professionals as well as companies that seek additional advanced training for their agents.

The official name is the Professional Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Development program. The university currently has a Center for Real Estate that was founded over three decades ago. According to the MIT website, the center offers “the first-ever one year Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) degree.

Participants in the summer program will be taught by the world-renowned faculty of MIT. Some of the lecturers include William Wheaton, professor emeritus of the university’s Department of Economics; Albert Saiz, director of the Center for Real Estate; and Walter Torous, a senior lecturer who holds an appointment with the Center for Real Estate’s MSRED Program and the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The certificate program will be held from June 8-19, 2015. MIT offers flexible scheduling for participants as well. They ask that the required courses be completed within a two year timeframe although those that complete the program in one year will receive a discount of 15 percent.

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