Models Spread Body Positivity in Times Square

Called “The Real Catwalk,” a fashion show featuring beautifully diverse women of all shapes and sizes took place in New York City this weekend to spread the message of loving your body and yourself.

The fashion show was organized by KhrystyAna, a model and body positive activist. Models stripped down to their underwear, most wearing only lingerie and heels, and made their own catwalk as they strutted through the streets of bustling New York City.

“I’ve been a body positive activist for almost a year now, and the more this whole BoPo movement grows, the more creative ideas I get about women empowerment,” KhrystyAna said to Yahoo Lifestyle. “So this #theREALcatwalk was brewing and in discussion for months now, and I’d organized two small scale all-inclusive lingerie runway shows this year, but this time it was different.”

The Real Catwalk took place just two days after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which many say perpetuates an unhealthy, unrealistic body image, but is “not an anti Victoria’s Secret Runway Show,” according to the organizer; rather, it’s intended to support the belief that anyone can walk the catwalk.

People, particularly women and girls, are lastingly affected by the standards of beauty represented in movies, TV, magazines and advertising. The effects of not feeling like you meet these beauty ideals can deteriorate a person’s confidence and self-worth, inflicting mental and emotional damage that follows a person throughout their life.

The message to love your body is essential and should be showcased in the media. If we can help people love themselves, we can meaningfully contribute to happier and healthier lives. The Real Catwalk is just one example of how women collaborating with and supporting one another are creating a better future for women and girls.

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