National Make a Difference Day 2019


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Saturday, October 26th, is National Make a Difference Day, a day that brings together community service organizations every  fourth Saturday of October to make a difference in improving the lives of others, no matter how big or small. The event was created by USA WEEKEND magazine and Points of Light in 1992, and quickly became the largest national day of community service for over twenty years. 

Although the founding organizations no longer sponsor the event, volunteers and organizations still observe the event each year by helping their local communities to meet their unique needs. For instance, Laurence Segal’s Cans for Cancer collects bottles and cans each year so that proceeds will go toward cancer research, and the Central School of Grand Cane participates by spending the day sanding and painting picnic tables. 

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How will you make a difference this Saturday? Use the #MakeADifferenceDay hashtag to share on social media how you or your organization will observe this special event. Learn more about Make A Difference Day here!

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