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In honor of the release of the 2019 NAWRB Women Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), NAWRB invites the housing and real estate community to participate in the WHER Chat series to discuss key topics and themes in the report. Each week, we will post a “WHER Chat” blog with a different topic for public discussion. Professionals and industry experts are encouraged to bring their unique perspective and overlooked problems or issues to create an informative and engaging dialogue regarding the dynamic ecosystem.

2019 NAWRB WHER was designed to be a professional development tool to revitalize communication and partnerships between industries as we work together to form mindful strategic solutions achieved through a gender lens. The discussions had through the WHER Chat series will help to expand the breadth of topics in the ecosystem to be addressed in the 2020 WHER. We encourage the community to invite other industry professionals to engage in these WHER Chats to enrich the conversation with different areas of expertise.

The first five volumes concern women’s economic growth and independence throughout their lives, from their school education, participation in the labor force, experience as homeowners or renters, and mental and financial health in older age. The aging population at all levels of socioeconomic status is vulnerable to elder abuse, especially elder financial abuse, from those under the poverty level to those who hold significant private wealth.

The last volume focuses on Family Offices, or families with over a $100 million in assets. We breakdown this aspiring exclusive group consisting of over 10,000 Family Offices globally in terms of their potential for social impact through investments, how the next generation will drive the future of private wealth and the risks of intergenerational wealth transfer.

To join the WHER Chat, comment on any blog with “WHER Chat” in the title. Learn more about the 2019 NAWRB WHER and order your copy here!

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