Recap of IMN’s 3rd Annual Single Family Rental Investments Forum


Hundreds of real estate professionals flocked to Scottsdale, Arizona for IMN’s 3rd Annual Single Family Rental Investments forum. The event highlighted private equity, REITs, note buyers, bond investors, and fix & flippers.

With a fluctuating market, it is important to reevaluate the relevancy of housing processes and how to approach them. The three-day forum tackled this sentiment with workshops that analyzed how lucrative current methods of gaining revenue are and provided a fresh new perspective on methods in need of updating.

The diverse workshops catered to many real estate backgrounds which made it a popular event choice for attendees. Hot topics included underwriting issues, flipping vs. holding, and different aspects of single family rentals. In addition to attracting attendees nationwide, NAWRB members Ivy Melton and Heidi Robinson were also in attendance.

In particular, the aspect of flipping vs. holding properties was one of the focal points of the forum. According to RealtyTrac, flipped homes in the third quarter of 2014 represented 4 percent of all U.S. single family home sales, equating to 26,947 properties. Although this may seem sizable, RealtyTrac reports that this is “down from 4.6 percent in the second quarter of 2014 and down from 5.6 percent in the third quarter of 2013 to the lowest level since the second quarter of 2009.”

To address the creeping downward spiral, many of the workshops discussed the profitability of flipping homes in the current market; how to scale up your operations; financing for hard and soft structures; and if buying or holding is more suitable for your business and market. One interesting takeaway from the workshops was that buying and holding is becoming the new trend to supersede flipping homes.

Adding to the informative workshops were highly knowledgeable speakers. Most of them were CEOs, vice presidents, and directors of major banking institutions, widely recognized construction companies, lenders, and more.

“All of the sessions were really great. The caliber of speakers and attendees was quite astounding,” said NAWRB member Ivy Melton.

Although the forum embodied a professional tone, IMN provided attendees different ways to let loose and enjoy the Arizona sun. A recreational highlight was the IMN Single Family Rental Golf Tournament which welcomed people to sign up for golf lessons. Those uninterested in golf were able to indulge in other outdoor activities like hiking up picturesque mountains or cycling across the scenic trails on the outskirts of the property. Attendees looking to relax had the option of soaking up the sun poolside with sweeping views of the rocky Scottsdale hills and thriving succulent-filled landscape.

With so many executives, exhibitors, and attendees in one venue, it was only fitting to host networking events for everyone involved. The first two days concluded with networking receptions allowing people to buzz around the venue to engage in conversation and make valuable connections.

From networking events to entertaining activities and hard-hitting workshops, the forum was a success with attendees wanting more. IMN hosts multiple real estate-specific conferences every year and has already captured the interest of several NAWRB members. For more information, visit

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