Serena Williams’s Venture Fund Invests in Companies Led by Women and Minorities

Serena Williams

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Professional tennis player Serena Williams has launched a venture fund called Serena Ventures that has already invested in more than 30 companies. The venture-capital firm is focused on investing in companies led by women and people of color, as well as those that value individual empowerment and creativity.

While her venture-capital firm began investing in companies as early as 2014, Williams publicly-announced her firm via social media. On Instagram, she states, “”I launched Serena Ventures with the mission of giving opportunities to founders across an array of industries.”

Her vision is to help provide more opportunities to a diverse set of entrepreneurs and early-stage companies who value empowerment, creativity and opportunity.  Companies that her firm is currently invested in include the Wing, MasterClass, Daily Harvest and Brandless. Her investment firm also provides mentoring to young company business owners and nascent entrepreneurs.

“Serena Ventures focuses  on early stage companies, and giving them the opportunity to be heard,” states the firm’s website. “As we grow, we hope to mentor young founders and take burgeoning entrepreneurs to the next level. Serena Ventures extends relationships, encourages collaboration among portfolio companies, and expands partnership opportunities across my vast network.”

It is inspiring to see female role models such as Serena Williams use their influence and resources to help other women and minorities reach their full potential as business owners. One of the biggest obstacles women- and minority-owned companies face is access to capital. Therefore, it is important that more venture funds target their investments towards these underrepresented groups who are contributing to our nation’s economy.

Learn more about Serena Ventures here.

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