Think Big – It’s not the size of the opportunity!

As a professional in the housing ecosystem, it is necessary to think outside the box to succeed in your competitive field. Working with the government and competing for contracts can be a pivotal step in an entrepreneur’s story.

The opportunities for real estate professionals are diverse, and while these prospects may seem daunting, they can make a world of difference in your business performance and bottom-line profits.

It is important to think big, and realize that it’s not the size of the opportunity; it’s the manner in which you approach it.

If you do your research and discover your business doesn’t satisfy all the components of a certain contract, it doesn’t mean you can’t bid on it. What this means is that in its current state, your business is unqualified.

You need to have the foresight to understand that doing the work to become eligible will pay off in the long run.

One method of satisfying contract requirements is teaming with other businesses. For example, if you satisfy only two of five components to be eligible to bid, you can find two or three other businesses that satisfy the rest of those prerequisites. Together as a team, you can advantageously situate yourself to secure these business opportunities

Leidos, an American defense company, recently won a $777 million General Services Administration (GSA) contract in which the company will support the Army Geospatial Center’s (AGC) High-Resolution, 3-D (HR3D) Geospatial Information program.

Decisive in this victory is the fact that Leidos is teaming with KEYW Corporation, Tenax TM LLC., Neany Inc., Sigma Space Corp., OG Systems LLC., Pixia Corp. and Woolpert Inc. to “provide the cost-effective solutions and capabilities for the AGC program.”

By working together with other businesses, you can increase your business performance and appeal, allowing you to capitalize on key business avenues. You are a driven entrepreneur, but remember that you don’t always have to do everything alone.

Business developments of this nature are a huge undertaking and don’t need to happen overnight. The important step is to realize where you want to go and begin that process. However long it takes is unique to your company.

You’re not trying to swallow the whole enchilada, take a small bite and keep chewing.

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