Video 1 & Recap: NAWRB Women’s Homeownership Event in Atlanta


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On April 11th, 2018, potential homebuyers and real estate professionals gathered at the Roam Perimeter Center in Atlanta, Georgia to attend NAWRB Women’s Homeownership: Pathway to Economic Growth & Wealth event. Attendees received invaluable information about how to serve their female clients and the best approaches for a sustainable brokerage. Read more for highlights from the event.

The event had an inspirational start as speakers Esther Ayuk, Certified Delegate Spokeswoman, Housing Ecosystem Leader, and Desiree Patno, CEO & President, NAWRB, shared the importance of collaboration among women leaders at an international level and their unique experiences in the industry.

Desiree had the incredible opportunity to be a speaker among First Ladies and women leaders from across the globe at the ICOGAS International Conference on Gender & Sustainability, which took place on the margins of the 72nd U.N. General Assembly on September 21, 2017.

“I had the pleasure of speaking alongside the United Nations in New York last year,” she stated. “We can do phenomenal things working with people from other countries. The power you have to work with people like Esther is unbelievable.” This demonstration of collaboration for gender equality and women’s economic growth is something we can continue to emulate in order to create long-lasting solutions.

Women are entering higher-paying careers, starting businesses faster than men, delaying milestones like marriage and sacrificing what is necessary in order to become homeowners. Homeownership has a plethora of benefits for women. A woman’s home is a place of personal freedom, security, office and comfort in an impacting world, as well as a source wealth-building and financial stability. No wonder single women have been outpacing single men in homeownership for over thirty years!

As Esther shared with the audience, there are different home buying processes for single women and couples, so it is prudent that real estate agents and brokers adjust their services to meet the needs of their market. Helping women achieve their dream of owning a home requires understanding the unique obstacles they face as potential homebuyers.

In 82 percent of divorce cases, children remain with the mother. Single mothers are looking for a stable home in a safe and supportive community to raise their children. While women make up more college graduates than men, at 57 percent, they also have more student loan debt than their male counterparts. With outstanding student debt, it makes it more difficult for women to qualify for mortgage loans.

In addition to providing solutions for their clients’ challenges, Esther encourages agents and brokers to take on a fresh perspective towards their careers—an integral feature of the business model she has created through her 17 years in the industry. “I started my real estate career not asking who is going to come to me so I can sell a house and make a commission, but more from a standpoint of asking what can I offer this person so I can help get to where they want to go,” she stated.Clients depend on you to inform them to make the best choice—a decision that will have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. Moreover, the relationships you build with your clients is pivotal in sustaining your business.

Thank you to those who joined us for this memorable event, and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future to advance opportunities for women’s economic growth! Watch one of many clips from the event below.

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