Since 1926, there’s been an old adage about three key factors when choosing a property to buy: Location, Location, Location. But with so many varied factors, what truly makes a city great? Obviously, there are a variety of features, and a recent WalletHub study reveals that these features are gender specific. Of course they are! Why didn’t we consider this before?

How can one city be an all-encompassing perfect spot for both men and women, when their needs are so vastly different? Truthfully, realtors should familiarize themselves with the idea that women need to tailor their buying power in areas that are sensitive to their needs. It’s an outdated mentality that a single, millennial female should purchase in a superb community because it has good schools and crime is low. While that would appeal to a mother with two children, it does not encompass the needs of every woman.

WalletHub.com analysts did a comparison of each state in North America to find which places most fulfilled women’s needs. The 15 metrics utilized to find out the most women-friendly states included: earnings, insurance resources, preventative medical care, violence towards women, female representation and women-owned businesses. All of these characteristics should be considered by women and the realtors that sell to them. However, the weight that each statistic holds is completely up to the particular situation of each woman.

The findings were fascinating. The truth is, there is no perfect place for women. For example, the top three places best suited for “Women’s economic and social well-being” are Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maryland. However, if we’re talking about “Women’s healthcare and safety” the top three states are Hawaii, Vermont and North Dakota.

The fact is that women need to identify their needs and find a place that represents them. Moreover, each participant in the housing industry has an obligation to educate their female clients on which cities can suit them best. If we can be so bold as to amend the old adage, when looking for a property consider gender then location, location, location.

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